Slimming Trick: So your Hand, will help you lose weight

This weight loss method requires no special Equipment, costs nothing and is easy to understand. A Hand with five fingers, the more of the following Tricks do not need. Your Hand you can tell how you’re supposed to your meals to make and how many servings of fruits, cheese, sugar, and co. are allowed on the day. Was developed the weight loss program of the nutritionist Suzy Wengel, which has fallen with your method of 40 pounds. Your success story has written, the Dane, in her book ‘Slim with the handful of principle: The easiest diet in the world‘ down.

1. 5 Finger 5 meals

On your fingers, you can see how many meals you need. Experts recommend three daily main meals and two small Snacks in order to lose or maintain weight. In this way, the blood sugar level stays in balance and cravings attacks were designed to prevent.

Of course, the choice of food plays a role: you Lead your body to a high amount of calories to take you, rather than from.

2. Two Finger cheese of the day

Most cheeses contain a lot of fat and should therefore be eaten only in moderation. However, as a lot of Gouda, Camembert and co. are okay? Keep your index finger close to your middle finger. How many cubes of cheese to fit on it? The width of two fingers together, the Portion of cheese, you should take a maximum of the day to you. Weight-loss tip: Especially low in fat and therefore a diet suitable for the Harzer cheese.

3. Don’t eat more sugar than your thumb is great

Too Much sugar is known to be at the hips. Therefore, in the case of the hands method: How big are your top thumb member is, so a lot of sugar or sugar-containing foods you should consume on a daily basis. That’s the equivalent of one to two pieces of chocolate or a dollop of jam. Tip: These foods contain (almost) no sugar. The Same principle applies for fat in the Form of Butter and Oil.

4. A handful of proteins, a fist of carbohydrates

The handful of principle can integrate assistance, the amount of nutrients in the meals. To healthy weight loss, is recommended as a hand full of high protein food such as poultry, cottage cheese, fish and eggs. Add to this a fist of carbs. This can be bread, potatoes or cooked Pasta. Also important for the health of: Two handfuls of fruit and vegetables.

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