Pulling or Blowing your nose? What you should do really, if your nose is running

“Don’t pull up always the nose, which is unhealthy. A handkerchief take time.“ This saying probably everyone knows from his Childhood. If no bag is cloth in the vicinity, remains a short Snort often the only solution. But Blowing your nose is really better than pull?

Michael Deeg of the German professional Association of ear, nose and throat doctors find: “It is better to wanna the cold.” Otherwise, the Secretions remain in the nose, and gluing the sinuses. A possible follow-up: headache and an inflammation of the caves.

In the case of dripping nose, can nasal irrigation help

But also, the nose cleaning, it may have in itself. “One should not blow with too high a pressure. And always, the left and right nostril in exchange.“ Otherwise, the mucus is pressed into the sinuses.

Against a dripping nose, a nasal lavage can help. “It is rinsed with an isotonic salt solution.” Herbal expectorants can help at the beginning. “Is the runny nose after a week still to go but time to the ENT doctor.”