Prosecutor’s office in Ischgl due to Coronavirus spread

Corona-crisis in Germany: 119 people have already died, 28.981 are infected with the Coronavirus. Worldwide, more than 300,000 cases were registered. The public life increasingly to a Standstill. All the information about the Coronavirus please see the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

The Prosecutor’s office in Innsbruck has included investigations on the spread of the Coronavirus in the popular ski resort of Ischgl. As the authority announced on Tuesday, after it goes to the suspicion that a catering business had not reported the end of February of a positive Test by an employee in the health authorities. The Land of the Tyrol had been forwarded to the public Prosecutor a request of the ZDF with the appropriate suspicion. “It is unknown what kind of operation should be, and whether, in fact, reporting requirements have been violated,” said the Prosecutor. Therefore, will now be determined.

The Land of the Tyrol and the local tourism sector had been criticised in the past few days, sharply, because of the ski tourism, with its Après-Ski parties could have strengthened the international spread of the Coronavirus. Especially Ischgl came in this respect to the visor. There, the bartender was a popular Après-Ski Bar on 7. March a positive effect on Sars-CoV-2 have been tested. The Land of the Tyrol is accused of the skiing not fast enough stopped. As at 13. March was imposed on Ischgl and other locations with a quarantine, moreover, it came to chaotic conditions in the case of the hasty departure of many international guests. Also, it rained criticism. Only on 15. In March the ski season, then found their premature end.

The Tyrolean regional government of the ÖVP and the Greens announced according to the Austrian news Agency APA on Tuesday that they will propose to the other parties in the Parliament, the establishment of an independent Commission of experts. So in the space of the questions and allegations should be processed to be transparent, said accordingly, the Tyrolean ÖVP party leader Jacob Wolf. In the past few days, the country’s chief Günther Platter (ÖVP), had stressed that his government and the authorities "the possible getan" had to protect the population. He acknowledged, however, that all Parties would learn in such a crisis, always.  

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