Free baths to start, in spite of Corona in the new season – when the bathrooms open now again

Because of the Corona-pandemic for the free baths in Germany part of later in the season. Friends of the cool Wet have to adjust to some Changes in the outdoor pool season. FOCUS Online says, when free bathrooms in the States are allowed to open.

At the Start of the outdoor season in some of the länder, guests have access restrictions and new rules. The spontaneous jump into the cool water after work is not going to be anywhere without restriction, such as Christian Ochsenbauer, managing Director of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für das Badewesen (DGfB), said.

Time cards are to direct visitor flows in open-air pools

Instead, many bathrooms time wanted to offer cards to channel the flow of visitors. For the pool, the DGfB recommends a limitation of access, so that the spacing rules can also be in the water observed. “It can then happen that the people have to stand in a queue in front of the pool,” said ox farmer.

How is it with the risk of infection in the water?

Also on the lawns of the well – known distance and contact commandments – lifeguard or Security forces to ensure their compliance. Worry that the Virus through the water spread, have to no one: According to the Federal office for the environment provide Filtration and disinfection in conventional swimming pool water to ensure that viruses are reliably inactivated.

NRW and Saxony do not go ahead, Bayern still opens

On the Opening of the outdoor pools crisis in the Corona of the countries: In Saxony you may already since the age of 15. May the gates open, in North Rhine-Westphalia from this Wednesday (20.5.). Other States in the coming weeks, Berlin, for example, allowed Openings 25. May. Bavaria or Baden-Württemberg, however, is to wait and see.

When outdoor pools open – Overview of the States:

  • Baden-Württemberg: when opening pools, is not yet foreseeable. Amusement Park fans can 29, the. May look forward to.
  • Bavaria: outdoor pools must remain closed, leisure parks-may 30. May open.
  • Berlin: free bathrooms may 25. May open. Larger theme parks, there is not.
  • Brandenburg: free bathrooms may 28. May open theme parks are still closed.
  • Bremen: The first free bathrooms can 1. June open from 15. June should be bathrooms in the submission of a hygiene concept in General, open. Larger theme parks, there is not.
  • Hamburg: outdoor pools are still closed, a possible early Opening is discussed. Hamburg has no major amusement parks.
  • Hesse: For outdoor pools, the time has come for a re-opening is still unclear. Theme parks can re-open.
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: free baths may of 25. May re-open. Amusement parks are closed.

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  • Lower Saxony: free baths could be from the 25. May open it again, the same is true for amusement parks.
  • North Rhine-Westphalia: free baths may since Wednesday, 20. May, open, the minimum clearance shall also apply in the pools. Amusement parks may let in visitors.
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: free baths to on 27. May amusement parks are allowed to open, on 10. June.
  • Saarland: It is unclear when pools and leisure parks are allowed to open.
  • Saxony: pools and leisure parks are allowed to open unless they have an approved concept of Hygiene.
  • Saxony-Anhalt: outdoor pools, and amusement parks may 28. May re-open.
  • Schleswig-Holstein: outdoor pools and amusement parks are closed until further notice.
  • Thuringia: free baths can from 1. June open, amusement parks, the circles and decide on their own.

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