What to do when a family is infected member? The Harvard say professors

A Person in their own household is infected with Corona, this does not necessarily mean that you are ill also. Two Harvard professors give tips on how you can protect you home against infection by a diseased member of the family.

For nearly two weeks of contact, there is also a good barrier to the propagation speed of the Corona to curb the Virus. But what if in their own household someone is infected? How can I protect myself then? Even if only one Test can ultimately clarify whether or not the Person is indeed infected with Sars-CoV-2, family members should be careful to take measures, as soon as someone shows some typical signs of a respiratory disease.

The two professors Joseph Allen and Marc Lipsitch of the Harvard School of Public Health have six tips published by, the risk of infection at home reduce.

1. Person isolate

Someone shows clear signs of a respiratory infection with cough, runny nose and pain in the limbs, it should be isolated that Person in a room. It is important, according to the two Harvard professors that the door remains closed. Family members who enter the rooms, should be deposited for clothes and shoes at the door, which you create when you Enter and when you Leave the room back drop. Thus a distribution of clothing, can be prevented if the sick Person sneezes, for example.


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2. Ventilate the room

Because the Virus enters through Breathing, coughing and Sneezing in the air, and there for a few hours may hold, it is important to ventilate the rooms well at home. Scientific studies show that frequent Ventilate with fresh air, the concentration of virus particles is reduced in the air. The more the air is mixed with fresh air, the better.

3. Air filter use

Air filter can capture virus particles. Therefore, All of you, and Lipsitch rates to provide a portable air filter in the room where the sick Person is located. Also in the other rooms, in which the rest of the family members, or roommates stop should be to the possibility of air cleaner. Who has a built-in air filter system in the house, you should check whether the Filter provides enough protection and should be replaced.

4. Humidifier use

In low humidity conditions, viruses can survive longer . Therefore, Lipsitch and All advise, in the case of dry room air air humidifier to set. At best, in the room in which the ill Person is located. The optimal humidity level in indoor spaces is between 40 and 60 percent.

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Anyone who wants to protect themselves from the corona virus, but also other infections of the respiratory tract, should adhere to General hygiene rules. These are all respiratory infections the same.

  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water. Anti-microbial additives are usually not necessary. Also, the temperature of the water plays no role.
  • A Minimum Of 20 Seconds Wash Hands.
  • After Washing the hands thoroughly dry.
  • Keep distance to peoplethat sneeze or cough and even disposable handkerchiefs use. After the coughing, Sneezing and blowing your Nose you should wash, also, as soon as possible the hands.

5. Clean the surface of the

Since the Virus can stay on surfaces depending on the nature of several hours, you should clean frequently touched objects and surfaces regularly. The most commercial cleaning agents will kill the Virus. To be sure, you can use diluted bleach or alcohol solutions with 70 per cent alcohol. Thus, you should clean frequently touched objects and surfaces, such as doorknobs, light switches, handrails, and keyboards.

6. Toilets-Hygiene

Various studies show that Sars-CoV-2 is also found in human excreta. For example, scientists in children with mild Covid-19 symptoms were able to detect the Virus for over a month in the chair.

Because when you flush the toilet particles to rise into the air, which can keep it there for longer than 30 minutes, should be bathroom and toilet ventilated very well, before any other use. Lipsitch and All the rates, therefore, to conclude, when you rinse the lid to open the window, or in the case of indoor pools the exhaust fan to turn on.

Diseased should not share bathroom and toilet with others in the household. If this is not possible, you must clean the bathroom after each use, and thoroughly ventilated. In addition, frequent and thorough hand was washing for all people in the household is essential.

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