Virus Alarm in Berlin: measures tightened! What are the limitations

Four million people to the Lord under: Berlin, slows down life in the Wake of the Corona-crisis. Output restrictions are decided. Pubs, Clubs and sports facilities are closed, many schools and nurseries also.

  • Output restriction in Germany: What now – what is prohibited
  • The Federal government and countries decide to ban Contact: What this means for you

"All must be clear, we have here to deal with a crisis that won’t resolve in the next few days, probably not in the next few weeks or months lässt", the head of the government Michael Müller (SPD) said. The containment of the Virus in Berlin, has decided on some measures.

Output restrictions in Berlin

The Berlin Senate has been widely adopted in rich end output restrictions, the spread of the novel Coronavirus is from the curb. The reports of the "Tagesspiegel" and the RBB. In order for the Senate to join the Federal government and the länder jointly agreed measures:

  • Accordingly, the Berlin &quot would have;constantly in your apartment or ordinary Unterkunft" stop. Occasionally there are exceptions.
  • Be allowed in accordance with the plans of going to work, shopping, and going to the doctor, to the therapist or to the hospital.
  • Also “short walks and individual sports activities”, the go walkies, “urgent authorities” and mourning ceremonies in the closest circle of family and friends were still possible.

On Saturday Berlin says from now on, meetings with more than ten participants. The previous exemptions for parliaments, courts and other state bodies, as well as for Maintaining, among other things, pension, health care and the economy, companies continue to apply. For assemblies, the Assembly authority may allow, in important cases, exceptions.

In addition, further measures are valid for some days. An Overview.

Restaurants have to close

Berlin tightened the measures for the Virus-containment, such as the Senate, in a press release on Saturday (21. March) said:

So restaurants need to be with a table of operation for the public, closed to traffic, you may not, however, offer food and drinks for pickup or delivery. For the pickup, through delivery services, adequate provision for Hygiene, control of the entry and to avoid queues.

Shops are closed

In Berlin, shops will close because of the Corona-crisis to a large extent. The Berlin Senate has decided in its meeting on Tuesday.

Supermarkets and other shops that serve the supply of the people, banks, drugstores and pharmacies, however, remain open.

Schools and day-care centres and the Notbereuung

In Berlin, from 17. March all day care centers and General schools will be closed. For the kindergarten children and school children of the primary levels 1 to 6, there will be a emergency care.

  • Emergency care: This offer can be used by parents to be used, the "in systemrelevanten" Professions work and have no other way of support. This includes Doctors, police officers, firefighters and employees of auxiliary organizations. Here geht's to a detailed list of all the professions concerned.
  • Tests: Due to the school closures to move some of the examinations for Middle school completion, such as education Senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD) in rbb-info radio said. The for the 21. April scheduled examinations in German, mathematics and first foreign language would be moved to two and a half weeks. "The high school tests continue to run as planned." A corresponding Info-Write out go on Monday to the schools, the parents should be informed.

Universities and colleges

The Berlin Senate has the beginning of the lecture period of all universities in Berlin "zunächst" on the 20. April moved. The Technical University of Berlin announced that it plans to because of the Coronavirus in the next few weeks, Online exams.

What facilities are still closed

It is an unprecedented measure, the decided on Berlin, a drastic step that will restrict the public life in almost all facets of strong. In the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus includes the Federal capital, all the Bars, pubs and Clubs, also swimming pools, museums, and Theater shut down. All public and non-public events with more than 50 people are banned.

No Case Of A Disaster

Secretary of state, Torsten Akmann (SPD) said to a potential disaster protection alarm, you would not handle it lightly. "We’re actually all in a bad movie. And then we would be in an officially determined disaster and you don’t do that lightly."

Is limited but the right to demonstrate. The Senate will decide on this Tuesday, a regulation, after the demonstrations and rallies with more than 50 participants up to 19. April will be banned.

All current developments to the Corona onset you read in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

Info-Hotlines for citizens

The Senate administration for health, care and equality has a Hotline connected, you can consult. Staffed the Hotline by experts of the state office for social Affairs and health, the district health authorities and the Charité under the leadership of the Senate administration for health.

The Hotline is open daily from 8:00 – 20:00 to reach under (030) 9028-2828.

The Hotline serves the telephone to clarify whether someone is to be regarded as a clarification of the case. The Senate administration for health, care and equality recommends that you should allow for a clarification if

  • Have you been within the last 14 days in the risk area
  • Have you had any contact to a Person in the risk area
  • Have you had any contact to a confirmed case


For the regional trains in Berlin and Brandenburg a Notfahrplan is prepared. The countries and the transport Association Berlin-Brandenburg informed. When he is put in force, but is still open. The traffic is over until Further notice, as planned, it said. Only from and to Poland there are no trains any more. There should be other limitations, we informieren&quot in a timely manner about it;, assured of the composite.

The Berlin from Sunday to the U-Bahn to wait. Since the corona pandemic fewer people ride, stretching the BVG the clock. During the day, trains continue for all of ten minutes instead of every five minutes. Additional trips are to be made only as needed, a spokeswoman said.

On Wednesday the Country had already the clock in the case of buses and trams thinned. Also, for a Ten-minutes intervals apply. However, the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) want to be isolated again, more buses, to sections about hospitals and Police.

The Tram lines 16/18 and 37/67 are no longer supported, also on the stub subway line U55 in the government quarter are no trains.

The S-Bahn largely retains its roadmap for. Are omitted, however, the amplifier trips of the lines S1, S3 and S5. No more trains on the lines S26 (Teltow-city – Waidmannslust), S45 (airport Schönefeld – Südkreuz) and S85 (Grünau Pankow).

Ticket inspections it continues to be. Would have cleaned out the vehicles, however, more often than prior to the corona of a crisis. "Cleaned, not desinfiziert", explains carnations. "Disinfect it with us."


The date for the SPD land party Congress in may, appears more and more unrealistic. A decision has not yet been made, said the country managing Director Anett Seltz on Monday. "But we assume that he is moved." Wanted to your state Convention of the Berlin SPD on the 16. May meeting.

On Thursday, the Berlin Greens have their originally for the 28. March Congress scheduled to be cancelled. The Left in Berlin, says its national Congress. He was for 16. May planned and is expected to be on the 22. August will be moved, informed party spokesperson Diana Buhe. The Berlin FPD wants to decide, according to a spokesman, is expected next week, whether the Congress, as planned, on 24./25. April is supposed to take place.


The Staatsoper unter den Linden is rubbing your samples. For this Wednesday’s scheduled live stream of the Premiere of Mozart’s Opera "Idomeneo" under the musical direction of Simon Rattle had to be cancelled due to the current developments for the time being. From this Tuesday at the state Opera house to offer a free Online program on your Website. The game plan was yet to be announced.


In order to create more space for patients with Covid-19, to move the hospitals scheduled operations and to build up your breathing capacity, such as the Berlin-based hospital company announced on request. In Berlin there are currently 1045 ventilators on intensive care beds, and other devices in emergency departments. The average utilization in normal operation, the deck at 80 percent. Additional ventilators were purchased. A number were not called.

The closure of schools, daycare centers and other facilities at the blood donation services of the German Red cross for less donation options. The spokeswoman for Berlin and Brandenburg, Kerstin Schweiger, appealed to the people: anyone Who knows of suitable facilities, should report to please. Also the number of donors was declining. In addition to the Virus, the flu and holiday played here, but travel a role.

Taxis offer a shopping service

And the taxi industry? Suffers, according to massively. It sales give losses of up to 80 percent, said the managing Director of Taxi Berlin, Hermann Waldner,. Now taxi drivers to offer a shopping service for seniors and people. Heavy things such as water, H-milk or juice, would be delivered to the house. Had to pay for the taxi ride and the price for the Goods. Surcharges for shopping there. Also other small errands, as the way to the pharmacy, could take on a driver.

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