Studies provide, according to the virologist, Drosten new arguments for templates and important information in addition to knowledge

While Austria, the mask duty extends, shall not apply such a rule in Germany. Two studies from Asia provide, according to virologist Christian Drosten new arguments for the use of masks – and an important side observation.

Austria has presented across the country. With Jena, a German city has taken measures. There, the Wearing of mouth protection in shops, buses and trains duty. Since the days will be discussed whether such a requirement, Germany should be introduced and what the effect of this protection has really.

Two new studies from Asia have dealt with this issue. And in both arguments, which speak for respiratory masks, such as virologist Christian Drosten of the NDR Podcast "The Coronavirus-Update" explained.

A new study from Hong Kong

The first study, on the Drosten refers to, comes from researchers from Hong Kong. There was controlled, which gives an infected Person are actually all by yourself.

For the study, simple cold-corona virus-infected subjects were divided into two groups. Eleven patients received for the Test, a simple mouth-nose protection. Ten patients performed the Test without such protection.  

The heads of the subjects were then set up extraction devices, the collected 30 minutes long-all is one, what gave the people Breathing or coughing in and of himself. All of this has been preserved and tested in the laboratory.

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Was divided the collected Material into two categories: firstly, aerosols with a size of five microns, which can be kept for up to dry in the air, and there are still infectious and can be.

For the other droplets, with a size of more than five micrometers, one of which is a droplet infection, for example by Sneezing, coughing or humidity debate, the speech is.

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In the analysis, was not detected in any of the eleven patients who wore a mask, the Virus in the collected Material, "neither about five micro-meters, still below five microns Tröpfchengröße", says Drosten.

In the other, "ungeschützten" ten patients were found droplets in two size dimensions of the Virus, in one case in three, in the other four patients.

A new study from Singapore

The new study out of Singapore refers to, according to Drosten rather on the spread of the Virus in the air. Here are three with the Coronavirus-infected patients were observed over several days and the air in the room of the patients analyzed.

One of the patients was already on the ninth day, with symptoms. Although the Virus was in his respiratory tract is undetectable, it could be over the entire experimental days in room air demonstrated.

In the case of the two other subjects who were still in an earlier stage of the infection, was not detected only Virus in the respiratory tract. Here, droplets with a size of, as well as of about five micro – meters demonstrated, according to Drosten &quot were;a remarkable discovery."

Reuters/Christophe Gateau/dpa , Christian Drosten, Director of the Institute for Virology at the Charité hospital in Berlin.

The two studies from Asia show that the Bear could protect a mask in a possible early stage of infection, and therefore prior to the release and disclosure of the Virus. Drosten is not clear, however, that a simple mask protects the wearer against infection through the air.

According to him, only high-tech masks that can filter a pore size of up to 500 nanometers, also-the Virus would be to filter aerosols.

The Wearing of these masks is but is often associated with a work medical examination, for example, on the lung function. “You can’t recommend for the General population so easily and freely give.”

Second, this study provides important in addition to observation

Can recommend Drosten, however, an important ancillary observation from the Singapore study. Here at the same time to observe the air of the room of the three patients still regular wipe samples were taken from different surfaces in rooms of 30 infected patients.

"In these 30 patients, this Virus were to wipe samples only in the first symptom week positive. In the second week, the patients were still sick, were no longer samples the Wiper is positive. Since it has been discontinued so no more Virus on the surfaces,“ says Drosten, the result of the test.

This is due to the fact that the patient later in the disease course, less Virus by itself. “This is very important for working in the hospital, and for the notion: when is a Patient is actually infectious?”, the virologist, who draws from it a lesson for your own four walls says: “I am almost sure, that it’s not worth to address in the budget now a great deal of care to edit all kinds of surfaces with disinfectant.”

Exceptions for this are for example, hospitals with many patients or situations in which a lubrication – or contact infection is also possible.

“Images from the television, for example, from China, where tank trucks with disinfectants through the streets, the has more of a psychological effect for the population, as a real effect in curbing the transmission of infection”, Drostem.

Virologist Drosten talks about Tracking App

Similar to hot as a possible mask of duty, the introduction of a Tracking App, is discussed. What a virologist keeps Drosten of this method and how it evaluates a study that provides a possible loosening of the lock downs in the view, read here.

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