Was sold in some stores: melon recall at Aldi

Melon recall at Aldi North: In the framework of own investigations were detected in a sample Mini-water melons residues of the plant protection product Oxamyl.

The supplier “Catman North GmbH” calls the article “Mini-water melons, Kl. 1“ with the GGN number 4052852232968 therefore, public back. Customer can bring the item back in the stores, the purchase price will be refunded. The article was taken out of the sale.

The product concerned was only in the Aldi companies Greven, Herten, Hesel, Lehrte-Sievershausen, Lingen, Radevormwald, Germany, Salzgitter, and Weyhe traded. What is the Aldi company, you are visiting Aldi Nord branch belongs to, you can check here.

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