The saving triathlete: Luxembourg Wagner’s flying Corona patients

He swims, rides a bike, runs. Even at the legendary Ironman in Hawaii. And he flies. All around the Globe. So he saves people’s lives. Eric Wagner is a Pilot with the Luxembourg Air Rescue (LAR), the Luxembourg air rescue.

Recently, the 34-Year-old brought in his ambulance twice French Corona patients to Dresden. "It seems to be a very beautiful city, what one sees from above. And a colleague of mine is a Fan of Dynamo Dresden, the raves of the Stadt", Wagner told.

The LAR is similar to the German DRF air rescue or the ADAC air rescue. She flies missions for member organizations, but also private customers. "We have six Jets and a helicopter. Of the 190 employees in 19 Abulanzjet pilots and 17 Helikopterpiloten&quot are;, Antje Voss, spokesperson of the LAR says.

Among the customers of the LAR as well as France, therefore, the seriously ill Corona were flown from there-patient. "So far, we have flown five shipments to Dresden, and two to Hamburg and Bremen", Voss reported.

Wagner: "For us, no Gefahr&quot is almost;

Eric Wagner looks at his Corona-inserts are not particularly in danger. "We pilots fly only with a mask and gloves as protection. We don’t get more with the patients in Kontakt", the flight captain says.

To belong to a Crew in an ambulance jet the Co-Pilot, a doctor and an intensive nurse still. "For us no risk, if it is a patient, the ventilation must be nearly. This is a closed Kreislauf", Wagner, who flew already with Ebola patients says.

In spite of the Corona-pandemic: stakes have become less

In spite of the global Corona pandemic of the Luxembourg currently has more time. "The stakes have become less. We usually fly return missions by Accident. But now, no one is anywhere in the world on vacation. And Organ transportation are not just häufig", Wagner, during his working hours at home in the duration of readiness says.

The available free time he uses for Triathlon Training. "Actually, my Start in the Ironman on Hawaii should be two years ago, a uniqueness. But place 90 I can see quite improvement. I hope that I can qualify for 2021 again. Triathlon is a healthy Sucht", the former swimmer, who was also on the Luxembourg national team reported.

"No better job vorstellen&quot me;

The 20 to 25 hours of Training per week are also good for his Job. "You learn discipline and organization and are fit. Even after a 14-hour working day, you ought to no great fatigue to show, if there is still a use gibt", Wagner says.

Whether he is soon to return to Dresden, don’t know the married Pilot. "This is the exciting part of our Job. We do not know in the morning whether we are in the evening in Dresden, Tokyo, or anywhere else. I can think of no better employment than that of the air rescue vorstellen", stresses Wagner.

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