Sick messages reach the peak of 1999

The sick reports, 2013, reached after 14 years a new high. Reason: flu-attacks had forced many workers in the knees. However, sick-leave fell as a result of psychological Suffering.

A fierce cold wave has driven the number of sick messages in the past year. Due to respiratory disease there were in 2013, around a quarter more days of absence than the previous year, as Germany’s largest statutory health insurance techniker Krankenkasse (TK), announced on Tuesday in Hamburg. Overall, the sick state of the Fund about four percent of the Insured’s scarce, and thus achieved a for the past 14 years not cracked all-time high.rose

On average, workers were written last year, a total of 14.7 days sick – that was almost half a day more than in 2012. During the sick days increased due to colds in the past year, stagnated, according to the technician health insurance for the first time sick leave due to mental disorders. Absenteeism due to depression, stress disorders and other mental Suffering in 2013 were 2.5 days absence per employee the previous year’s level. In the last ten years, there had been, according to the Fund, however, is always an annual increase in rates of five to eight percent.

Analysis of 4.1 million sick

The data come from the current TK health report, appears officially only in April. The TC has analyzed the sick leave of 4.1 million in cash in the insured labour force. This includes the Employed and unemployment benefit recipients are subject to social insurance contributions. The TK is the number of the Insured Germany’s largest statutory health insurance.

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