Sick leave: Starting today, workers must go to the doctor again

For a period of Sick leave in the case of slight respiratory symptoms, workers must go from today back to the doctor. A in the Corona epidemic derogation was introduced, this was also after telephone consultation with the doctor, will not be renewed.

The Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) of Doctors, clinics and health insurance companies decided on Friday. For the assessment of whether an Insured is unable to work and Sick leave to be taken is therefore, starting from this Monday, again, a physical examination is necessary.

The G-BA Chairman Josef Hecken explained that the temporary exception is served, in view of the dynamic Corona developments to relieve the burden on practices and to reduce the Virus spread. These dynamics have, in the meantime, however, due to strict distance and hygiene rules, which are also observed in practices, that significantly slows down. The appeal scheme would therefore expire on the scheduled date. This was in line with the cautious easing steps decided the Federation and the Länder.

An immediate consultation with a physician is especially in the case of diseases is important, which could only be through a personal investigation, comprehensively and accurately detected. Regardless of patients with typical Covid should call-19-symptoms or unclear symptoms of the upper respiratory tract in the practice and discuss course of action.

Doctors are horrified

Of the Bavarian house of medical Association is appalled by the stop of the telephone sick leave. “With the no. for telephone certificate of incapacity for Work from last Friday, the Federal Joint Committee is currently the biggest risk in the pandemic fight against Covid-19 in Germany and endanger the already achieved successes against Corona”, explains Markus Beier, Chairman of the Association. The efforts of policy, population and all health professionals in the fight against the Corona pandemic experienced by this incomprehensible decision is a major setback.

Also, the free medical Profession (ABIL) criticized the decision of the GBA sharp. "That is irresponsible. These patients could have a harmless cold, but also to Covid-19 to be ill and to Doctors, practice staff and other patients with severe diseases anstecken", ABIL-Chairman Wieland Dietrich says. "It is outrageous that the urgent need for medical expertise here is ignored."

More than five percent of the collected Infected were called up now from the health, explains the ABIL-Vice-Axel Brunn Graber, “which is probably enough. Covid-19 is also available for medical personnel is a dangerous disease.“

The risk that the call and issuing of a Sick leave can be abused, considers the Chairman of the house medical Association Markus Baier low: “We doctors House and family physicians know our patients and provide them, often for years or decades. This personal relationship is an effective protection against bogus sick leave. On the other hand this close bond, the symptoms, the Patient describes to on the phone will help us better classify and in the case of a suspected severe disease, the patients in the practice to summon, or to arrange a home visit.“

Turning away from the telephone Sick leave faces criticism

The departure of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) of the possibility of Sick leave by phone also launches with cross-party support to sharp criticism. The SPD-health expert Karl Lauterbach and the Bavarian health Minister Melanie Huml (CSU) warned on Saturday, according a hazard to Doctors, practice staff and patients. Also, the kassenärztliche bundesvereinigung distanced itself from the on Friday took the decision.

By this decision new Corona could form foci of infection, said Lauterbach, Berlin "Tagesspiegel". The doctor had surgeries on the now from Monday to expected crowds prepared.

"This decision of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), in view of the dangers by the Corona-pandemic verfrüht", also Huml in Munich, said. Rather, it’s still important, "The risk of infection consistently vermeiden". Instead, it is now feared that "also COVID-19-patients appear again in doctor’s offices and as a result, other people anstecken", warned the Minister.

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Green are calling for the Intervention of the Minister of health, Jens Spahn

The Greens called on the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), the G-BA’s decision to oppose without delay and to ensure that this will not be implemented. The decision was "not nachzuvollziehen" and counter act all of the previous efforts to reduce the infections, said the Green-health expert Maria Klein-Schmeink. Just "in the system relevant to the area of the Arztpraxen" &quot will;.the contact density unnecessarily erhöht".

The German trade Union Federation (DGB) called for the continued validity of the telephone scheme until at least the end of June. "To decide, now, to respiratory complaints no longer call in sick, shows little sense of reality of the G-BA and a deep distrust of the Beschäftigten", the DGB-Board member Annelie said colorful Bach in Berlin on Sunday. "High gefährlich" however, it should be in the first place, if workers would be ill to go to work.

The G-BA is the Central decision-making body in the self-administration of the German health care system. Here are the kassenärztliche bundesvereinigung work together, the cash-dental Federal Union (KBV), the German hospital society (DKG) and the head Association of the statutory health insurance funds.

The CBD-Chairman Stephan Hofmeister made clear, however, that the medical Profession have preferred a different vote: "We had the G-BA for an extension up to 3. May be used." He expressed "Astonishment and Unverständnis" about the decision. Apparently &quot have;the great pressure from the employers ‘ side, a key role gespielt" with the aim of reducing the number of sick-leave. Several practitioners were practicing in the Internet service Twitter sharp criticism of the G-BA.

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