Here's What Celebrities Have To Say About Coronavirus

“GO. HOME. Stop killing old people, please,” she told her 14.7 million followers.

Lady Gaga also encouraged fans to bunker down in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus which has killed over seven thousand people around the world. 

“It’s not the easiest for everyone right now but the kindest/healthiest thing we can do is self-quarantine and not hang out with people over 65 and in large groups,” the singer wrote.

Taylor Swift also shared her concert that health advice wasn’t being heeded.

“I love you so much and need to express my concern that things aren’t being taken seriously enough right now,” she wrote.

“I’m seeing lots of get-togethers and hangs and parties still happening. This is the time to cancel plans, actually truly isolate as much as you can and don’t assume that because you don’t feel sick that you aren’t possibly passing something on to someone elderly or vulnerable to this.

“It’s a really scary time, but we need to make sacrifices right now.”

Miley Cyrus took are more hygienic approach with her advice, offering her own tunes to time your hand washing to. 

While it’s all well and good for A-listers to get behind proper medical advice it’s important to remember that your first port of call for anything pandemic-related is trusted sources like the World Health Organisation and the Australian Health Department. 

Although we’re being encouraged to practice social distancing there’s actually no ban on heading out of the house. Australian health authorities have said it is fine to go to work, school and social occasions but they recommend following social distancing protocols where possible. These include promoting strict hygiene, using tap and pay rather than handling money, commuting at quiet times, avoiding crowds, cancelling unnecessary meetings, and reducing work-related travel, for example. 

Here is a full run down of social distancing guidance.

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