FYI, Amazon Is Selling Portable Bidets If You’re Running Low On TP

The online retailer is currently selling a $10 hand-held bidet and given its 4.6-star average rating, it seems like a worthwhile investment.

How does it work, you ask? Simply fill the 400ml container with water directly from the tap (at your preferred temperature, obviously.) Then, attach the angled spray nozzle and gently squeeze near your nether region. Simples.

“It’s been perfectly suitable, and gives around five strong sprays on one filling,” one review read. “That’s usually enough, but the bottle is easily recharged. It’s nevertheless compact enough to fit in a toilet or wash bag, making it available pretty much anywhere.”

Coronavirus crisis aside, the product is perfect post-labour. One happy customer wrote:

“Item was and still is a lifesaver, I don’t know what I would have done without it following the birth of our firstborn. I used it every time I went to the loo with tepid water and it stopped the stinging and kept everything nice and hygienic. Only wished I had ordered one for every bathroom. Brilliant price and brilliant product.”

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