Corona-Lockdown: Every Second person feels stressed

A survey of the University of Basel under more than 10,000 people has revealed that approximately half of the respondents in the current Corona-crisis stressed than before. In addition, the incidence of severe depressive symptoms has almost tripled.

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Almost half of the respondents feel more stressed than prior to the Corona-Lockdown. As reasons for this burden be called through changes in work and education, childcare, and by limited social life. 57 percent of respondents have also increased depressive symptoms. The incidence of severe depressive symptoms has increased from 3.4 per cent in front of the corona crisis to 9.1 percent in Lockdown.

Stress is not for everyone

Amazingly, but feels a whole 26 per cent of the respondents in Lockdown less stressed than before the crisis, at 24.4 percent, there was no difference. The researchers were able to identify the following measures, associated with a lower stress level:

  • Movement of any kind, whether Cycling, Jogging or walking
  • his Hobby or a new project, turn to increasingly
  • only rarely (a maximum of one to two times per day) Corona-News consume

Some of these factors are already as a stress-reducing known. The new data show that these relationships also in the Situation of a pandemic-lock downs. The data have been between 6. and 8. April 2020 is collected, so three weeks after the promulgation of the lock downs in Switzerland. NK

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