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Food: flour from insects

While insects in Europe, as food is still little known, are mealworms, locusts, beetles, and co. in many Parts of the world regularly on the dining plan. In this country, many people lean non-insect out of disgust worked reasons. The acceptance could, however, increase if the animals are recognizable, for example in the Form of flour.

In our culture, the eating of insects is, as yet, rather unusual, but in some regions of Asia, Latin America and Africa, the consumption of small animals is already widespread for a long time. Beginning in 2018, the European Union has brought new regulations on the way. Insects or from existing products, such as pasta or burgers are already being increasingly offered. However, for many people, the disgust dominated in front of it. In this case, such foods can be a good source of animal protein.

Demand for animal proteins will double

According to the food and agriculture organization of the United Nations (FAO) will double the global demand for animal proteins, with the population growth up to the year 2050.

Even if there is free agricultural land would be developed, would this demand not only by meat from the cattle, to cover breeding, explains the Karlsruhe Institute for technology (KIT) in a current message.

Therefore, researchers are studying the end of the KIT, the production of new alternative protein sources. Your goal: flour from insect-powder develop, which are suitable for bread-making.

Less burden on the environment

Insects are, in many cultures, such as in Parts of Asia, or of South Africa, an integral part of the diet. In Europe, they are as a food, yet more of a niche product. According to the KIT, the focus of industrial production is currently on meal worms (Tenebrio molitor), the larvae of which have a lot of proteins.

“Mealworms have to beef the advantage, that they produce about half as much CO2 and thus less impact on the environment,” explains Dr. Azad Emin, head of the Junior research group “Extrusion of biopolymers” in the part of the Institute of food process engineering (LVT) of the Institute for Bio – and food technology of the KIT.

As unprocessed food – for example, as a Snack – reject many consumers in this country, the insects still. First studies show, however, that in the case of products where the insects are not visible any more, the acceptance is on the rise.

Processed into powder with an introduction to the German market, traditional food such as bread is conceivable, which continues to be one of the main sources of energy, explained Emin. “Wheat flour with insects shares can enrich the staple food with proteins, and so any deficits from other protein to compensate for sources”, the process technician.

High consumer acceptance can be achieved

For the processing of insect food technology and technicians, the Extrusion – a process that has long been used, for example, Pasta or cereals to produce.

As the communication explains, arises by the supply of water to a dough-like mass, which is heated first on screw shafts, and finally through a nozzle is pressed. Subsequently, the dry mass is then milled.

In order to achieve a high level of consumer acceptance, will distinguish the new flours in terms of taste, Baking quality and Texture of little traditional baking flours.

Because of the higher Protein and fat content in insect meals to results in changes in the dough, investigate, the researchers at the LVT on their physical and functional properties such as solubility, water holding capacity or elasticity.

The aim is to improve these by means of the extrusion process specifically so that you will get the desired properties of flours for baking.

Regional production and processing

“A further advantage of the method is the deactivation of enzymes, as well as the reduction of microbial contaminants is. In addition, improved Digestibility could be achieved,“ explained Emin.

Since, to date, only little is about the impact of extrusion conditions on the Digestibility and bioavailability of the insect, and the nutrients contained are known, to investigate the scientists of this in detail in cooperation with the Max Rubner-Institute.

The Extrusion in connection with the development of new raw materials could open up, according to the experts, the traditional Baker’s trade, and in particular small businesses, new perspectives, also with a view on food trends. In addition, the cooperation with the locals, make Operated a regional production and processing is possible.

“In our further research we intend to verify the applicability of the produced flours in artisan scale. This tests in addition to the Form in the external Bread and the texture properties appearance will be investigated,“ says Emin.

“In addition, we want to carry out passenger surveys,” reports of the scientists and emphasized that the obtained results are important for the sustainable alternative of development of food products from insects. (ad)

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