200,000 Infected, 1800 Dead: Why Russia has officially a few Corona Dead

While the number of confirmed corona cases in Russia with about 200,000, a new record, the official number of deaths with a well-1800 in comparison to other countries was surprisingly low. For representative in the Russian government, the high test rate responsible. Critics, however, point to the finding of death worthy causes in the Victims.

"If someone dies of a heart attack, but also Covid-19 was diagnosed with, then the official cause of death is the Herzinfarkt", Sergei Timonin from the International laboratory for population and health at the Moscow Higher School of Economics (HSE) says. "In other words: Not all deaths of persons with Corona are listed as deaths by Corona."

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Why Russia has officially a few Virus-Dead

On Saturday Russia was almost 198.700 confirmed infections worldwide in fifth place in the pandemic. At the same time, the country reported only in 1827 deaths – a rate of under one percent, which is far lower than in the ten most affected countries. For comparison: In the for its handling of the pandemic, much-praised Germany the death rate is around four percent.

Many Russians to doubt the Figures, therefore. As a result, the Ministry of health and the competent Supervisory authority Rospotrebnadsor emphasised that the Figures reflected the rapid response of the country to the pandemic. In a statement it was said that Russia, with more than five million Tests in second place worldwide behind the USA.

So &quot could;Patients with a slight gradient, as well as those without symptoms to be identified and quickly werden&quot isolated;, what had reduced the spread of the Virus in the General Public and specific risk groups.

Seniors over 65 want to stay in Moscow at home

Although there are doubts about their reliability, are virus tests in Moscow is widespread at the private lab companies and hospitals. Since the end of April, the Internet giant Jandex also offers free testing for home.

A representative of the Supervisory authority informed anonymously, the low infection rate of over 65-Year-olds show the success of the Russian strategy. Especially in Moscow, has been arranged in mid-March that the elderly should remain above 65 to home.

"Russia has given his Best, the peak of the epidemic hinauszuzögern", the infection Loge and government adviser Yevgeny Timakow emphasized. "We have closed our borders and immediately with the observation of the Infected started." So you’ve won a couple of weeks, "in order to isolate high-risk patients and hospital beds to organisieren". The final death rate will "a third of the europäischen" be, said he.

Covid-19 in Russia: cause of death pneumonia, in spite of a positive corona test

However, the lack of transparency in the causes of death, raises doubts. Local media reported on cases in which the cause of death was inflammation of the lungs was given, although the Deceased had been positively on Corona tested.

So also in the case of Anastasia Petrova: The 36-year-old journalist died on 31. March in Perm in the Urals. The cause of death &quot was;double-sided Lungenentzündung" held. This was changed to Covid-19, as one of her Friends reported to the public of a positive Test, shortly before her death.

The first Covid-19-death the case was revised again

The first Corona-death case, a 79-year-old woman, gave the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin on 19. March, known. On the same day, the authorities revised this view: cause of death was a blood clot and not that of the Coronavirus according to the autopsy.

Timonin of the Moscow HSE explains, in Russia, the death will cause until after the autopsy. "Only at the end of may, when the April statistics come out, we know the true Death toll from Covid-19 in Russia."

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