Viennese Doctors first Corona manage-lung transplant in Europe

At the Medical University of Vienna lung transplant in the case of a Corona is a success-Ill. According to the University it was the first Covid-19-lung transplant in Europe.

The engagement had been urgently necessary, the 45-year-old patient would have died otherwise expected to be due to severe lung failure.

Transplant successful – woman was before the disease in the best of health

"From our point of view, it is now excellent, we have no serious Problem bisher", clinic Manager Walter Klepetko said after the procedure. "The organs all work, we are all satisfied. But the path will be even longer until we will hopefully finally get out of the hospital." The transplant took place already a week ago.

The patient had been, according to the Medical University without pre-existing conditions and prior to the Corona-infection in the best of health. Soon after the disease of the condition of the woman deteriorated but so much so that she had to be ventilated. "The situation was hopeless. The lung was like a log, there was nothing more to über", Klepetko said.

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