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So you protect yourselves best against ticks

All years again: The tick season has begun and those of us who are happy in nature move, must, of necessity, deal with the little blood suckers. Tick-borne diseases such as TBE (tick-borne encephalitis can be transmitted, a Form of inflammation of the brain) or Lyme disease.

The best protection is to let the first bite. The three most important tips Dr. Bobbi Pritt reveals in an Interview with the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Pritt is an expert in the field of parasitic diseases.

Their recommendations are not new, but it is good, you are going to call any season in memory. In addition, the following applies: Search in spite of the protection measures after each stay Outdoors your body for ticks, including the scalp.

1. Protect Your Skin

Insect repellent for Application to the skin (so-called “Repellents”) are, according to Dr. Pritt is a good opportunity for ticks to keep at a distance. These are available as cream or Spray available and are free of the skin applied. The face should be avoiding, because they may irritate the mucous membranes. “To avoid your face, but be sure to protect your neck,” advises the expert.

There are also Repellents for clothing may provide additional protection against Ticks. Keep in mind when buying Repellents for skin and/or clothing in the most natural and skin friendly ingredients and let the professionals to the proper use and possible risks advise.

2. You should tuck your pants into the socks

Long pants are the better choice for protection from ticks, even in the summer. Even if they win no beauty contest: Put your Trouser legs in the socks, recommends Dr. Bobbi Pritt. So give ticks a Chance.

3. Avoid high Grass

“Ticks live in moist environments, particularly in forest and grass areas, so some of the places in which you enjoy maybe the summer,” explains expert Dr. Pritt. This position ticks so that you can climb in opportunity quickly to the next source of food. Because ticks are often found in higher Grass, you should avoid this, according to Dr. Pritt, if possible, and Due to prefer in the center to hold.

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If you have been bitten, in spite of all precautions, however, by a tick: for Detailed information about tick-transmitted diseases such as TBE and Lyme disease and ticks properly remove, see our article on “tick bite – the Possible consequences and react properly”. In it you will also learn which natural essential Oils against ticks can protect.

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