The Sex Position You Need to Try This Aries Season? Get On Top

As far as the zodiac calendar is concerned, Aries is the start of the year — associated with all the sweet springtime feelings of rebirth, potential and new beginnings. It’s a time to take all the energy you earned during your dreamy Pisces season and get ready to turn it into action. As we continue our exploration of astrologically-inspired ways to beef up your sex life, we’re taking a look at how fiery, empowered and never lacking in the action department Aries vibes (symbolized by the Ram) can make a difference for you and your partner(s).

Per our usual disclaimer, you can find out about your individual horoscope and birth chart information (particularly when it comes to love and sex) by  looking at your own placements — Sun, Moon, Rising, Mars and Venus to start. We totally recommend doing a full reading with an astrologer at least once for the full experience and maximizing your star-powered knowledge. (And, at the time of writing, we also recommend practicing smart, quarantine-friendly sex!)

When we talk about Aries, we often think of how intensely they move — headstrong and energetic.

“Aries energy can be stubborn and willful. It causes us to dig in our heels, stand our ground and refuse to be pushed around. Under the influence of an Aries planetary transit, we may butt our own metaphorical Ram’s horns against the same obstacle until we break it down—often with the sheer force of will,” per the Astro Twins. “Confident Aries energy helps us believe in ourselves and champion others. The essence of Aries energy shows up as encouraging, unstoppable, bold, devoted, heroic and caring. In its shadow form, Aries energy can make us prideful, self-centered, impulsive, bossy, reckless and competitive. This sign likes a challenge, but be careful not to become selfish or domineering under Aries’ influence.”

So, this Aries season, we’re talking about power-play, taking charge and, of course, embracing being on top!

This can be literal, as in positions where you take control of the sensations, or come out in the form of power play — dabble in role play, BDSM, impact play or busting out some restraints (with proper negotiation and etiquette, of course!). Consider how you ask for what you want and need and how you respond to your partner’s wants and needs. Think about how you can explore power together (who has it, when, where and how — and what excites you both about those situations) and all the ways it can make you feel good in the bedroom when you wield it.

For added Aries flare, embrace how you can make sex more challenging, athletic and intoxicating — introduce games or competition into your foreplay or your encounters, make (and break) some rules or challenge one another intimately (again, minding pre-negotiated boundaries and incorporating safe words when needed). Even if you and your partner consider yourselves more on the vanilla side, you might be surprised to find that having you or your partner turn up the dial on that powerful energy can light a sensual fire under you both that’ll keep you satisfied throughout the rest of the year.

Take charge and introduce a few more positions to your sexual repertoire: 

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