Summer vacation abroad? The Maas in front of an important Ministerial meeting optimistic

Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) wants to meet today with his counterparts from the popular vacation countries of the Germans, such as the travel restrictions due to the Corona pandemic after and after can be relaxed.

To the video conference, Spain, Italy, Austria, Greece, Croatia, Portugal, Malta, Slovenia, Cyprus and Bulgaria are invited.

The aim of the meeting is a co-ordinated approach to the Opening of the borders for tourists. In Germany is up to 14. June a global travel warning for tourists. Maas wants to cancel after that, gradually, to the extent that there is no setback during the pandemic-fighting – first for European countries. The basis of the deliberations of the EU Commission a few days ago, presented guidelines for tourism in the crisis.

The Federal government assumes that in large Parts of Europe vacation will be possible. "The chances are good that we holiday our summer not only in domestic, but also in other European countries können&quot spend;, said the tourism Commissioner of the Federal government, Thomas Bareiß, the "Stuttgart Zeitung" and the "Stuttgart Nachrichten" (Monday). You do not need to but make sure you start early. He was, however, "convinced that the worldwide travel warning to 14. June story wird". All the news on the pandemic in the news Ticker of FOCUS Online.