Simone Biles Just Showed Off Her Gold Medal-Ready Abs And Legs In New Bikini Instagram Photos

  • Simone Biles, 23, just showed off her toned abs and legs in a new bikini Instagram.
  • Besides gymnastics, Simone swims, runs, and bikes to stay in Olympics-ready shape.
  • She also eats well overall, but doesn’t go crazy when it comes to being healthy.

Being stuck at home since practically forever (a.k.a. a year) can make you wish you were on vacation, like yesterday. Well, apparently Simone Biles knows your pain. The Olympic gymnast, 23, just shared some new Instagram pics of herself in a cute bikini to try to recapture vacation vibes.

“Wishing I was on a beach in Thailand, but my backyard will have to do,” she captioned the post. In the photos, the four-time Olympic gold medalist is working a gorgeous tangerine bikini with ties down the front (note to self: buy that). Cut on over to her Instagram Story, and she shared another pic and video of the bathing suit.

While her overall vibe is beachy, it’s hard to miss the fact that she’s got gold medal-ready abs and legs right now.

Ok YES,” a fan wrote in the comments of Simone’s post. “HOLY WOW,” another person said. And, of course, there were fire and heart emojis for days.

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Of course, it’s Simone’s job to be super fit—she trains for six to seven hours a day—but still. Damn, girl. The gymnast has shared plenty of videos on Instagram to clue the rest of us non-Olympians in on how she stays so fit.

In June, she nailed a “triple double,” which features her flipping around a ton on a balance beam like it’s NBD, before flipping during her dismount.

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Simone also did a handstand challenge back in April, where she slipped out of her sweatpants while hanging out in a handstand like she does that every day. Which, to be fair, she probably does—she is Simone Biles, after all.

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Simone doesn’t ~just~ do gymnastics to stay in shape, though. She previously told Women’s Health that she did some pretty intense pre-Olympic training back in 2016. “Last year, we did cross-training. We swam twice a week—almost a mile!” she said. “I swore I was going to drown, it was so hard, and then we would run. And the year before that, we would bike 10 miles outside once a week. If we didn’t bike, we would run a mile before practice, and as soon as we finished the mile we’d have to go inside and do a beam routine. My legs were absolute jello.”

And, of course, she eats pretty well. Simone previously told Women’s Health that breakfast might be oatmeal and fruit, followed by a protein shake. She’ll kind of do whatever for lunch—pepperoni pizza, salmon, sushi—along with veggies. For dinner, she listens to her body. “If I’m feeling like a little bit of a less healthy meal, I get pizza or fettuccine Alfredo with chicken,” she says. “I’m not picky.”

Simone’s overall philosophy with food: “I eat what I feel good with and try not to overeat or stuff myself because I’m always at the gym.”

Yeah, it shows!

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