Number of Infected after a visit to a restaurant on the rise – first hints for the reason of the Corona eruption

The Coronavirus pandemic, keeps the world in breath: More than 5 million people globally have become infected with the novel Sars-CoV-2 – 178.190 of them so far in Germany.

Number of Infected after a visit to a restaurant on the rise – first hints for the reason of the Corona eruption

After visiting a restaurant in lower Saxony in the district of Leer, at least ten people have been positive for the Coronavirus tested. Including the owner of the bar is. Previously, there was talk of seven Infected.

The district assumes that the people in the restaurant in Moormerland gets there. "The infections are probably in connection with a visit to a Lokal", the circle of speakers. Eleven infections were now known, he said on Saturday. Accordingly, ten of the affected people were at the 15. May in the Local. Another Person from another County was put in the episode.

The health Department has identified additional contact persons of the Infected. "Overall, a home quarantine angeordnet&quot has been in around 70 cases;, it was called. Some of the women and men were already showing symptoms, so further cases of infection were not excluded in connection with the outbreak.

After a Corona outbreak in a Restaurant in the district of Leer, the district is now reviewing whether the targets to a distance of and Hygiene 15. May have been complied with. Therefore, in the meantime, all of the evening guests were interviewed. "From the Clues available to us, the result is circumstantial evidence that on the evening of the 15th. May may against Corona-rules ist&quot been violated;, district administrator Matthias Groote (SPD) said. Whether this was the case, would clarify the clerk’s office in a misdemeanour procedure.

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