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COVID-19 also comprises a systemic vascular inflammation

Infections with the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is known to cause severe lung inflammation. According to a recent study, the Virus causes a systemic inflammation of the so-called endothelium (inner lining of the blood vessels). This could possibly explain why proportionate to develop many of the Affected heart-circulatory problems including fatal multi-organ failure.

Why be Concerned with COVID-19 suffered a life-threatening failure of other organs, was unclear, according to the University hospital of Zurich (USZ). The interdisciplinary research team of Prof. Zsuzsanna Varga from the USZ was well managed however the evidence that SARS-CoV-2 directly triggers inflammation in the vessels and to fail so the organ can lead to death. Were published the results of the study in the journal “The Lancet”.

Cardiovascular problems and multi-organ failure

The COVID-19-cases of serious illness were gradients at the beginning, especially with poorly treatable viral pneumonia associated what is corona virus is a quite typical disease. “Doctors noted, however, that increasingly, patients also exhibited cardiovascular problems or multi-organ failure,” reports the research team.

Connection still unclear

It remained unclear, whether there is at the multi-organ failure associated with the pneumonia. For example, older Infected could develop due to the burden of disease for this age group typical of cardiovascular problems. The Zurich research group was a different Proposition. They suspected that the viruses directly harm the vascular system.

Inflammation in the endothelium

Studies of tissue samples from COVID-19-deceased after an autopsy showed that the patients were suffering only to an inflammation of the lungs, but the inflammation covered the whole of the endothelium of various organs, according to the USZ. The endothelial image regulates a cell-layer which serves as a kind of protective shield in the vessels, and various processes in the micro-vessels and balances.

Detection of corona viruses in the endothelium

The endothelium is disturbed in its function, this may trigger, for example, disorders of blood circulation in the organs, or in body tissue, which lead to cell death and thus the death of these organs or tissues, according to the USZ more. The pathologist, Prof. Zsuzsanna Varga had succeeded with the electron microscope for the first time, SARS-CoV-2 in the endothelium to prove and document the by the Virus-induced cell death.

Spread not only through the lungs

The new Coronavirus spreads, therefore, as previously suspected through the lungs, but uses the in the endothelium occurring ACE2-to receptors the body’s own defense directly, report the researchers. The Virus causes a generalized inflammation in the endothelium, the protective function brings to a Standstill.

Systemic inflammation in all blood vessels

The systemic Endotheliitis (inflammation of the entire endothelium in the body) to be detected according to the researchers, all of the blood vessels – the heart-, brain-, lung – and renal vessels as well as vessels in the intestinal tract. The consequences can be fatal. “The severity of microcirculatory disorders that damage the heart, pulmonary embolism, and Vascular occlusion in the brain and in the intestinal tract and cause the multi-organ failure can lead to death,” reported the research team.

Increased risk for certain pre-existing conditions

Although the endothelium of the younger Diseased cope with the attack of the viruses most of the time, but patients is weakened, in which the endothelial function, such as hypertension, Diabetes, congestive heart failure or coronary heart disease, are, according to the researchers by infection with SARS-CoV-2 more at risk. Because you have already weakened endothelial function take, especially in the Phase in which the Virus is propagated the most, even more.

COVID-Endotheliitis as a disease

“We were able to teach with our investigation of the evidence for our hypothesis that COVID-19 can affect not only the lungs but the vessels of all the organs,” says Prof. Frank Ruschitzka from the University hospital. The Virus could trigger a systemic vascular inflammation, which should be described as a disease from now on, the term “COVID-Endotheliitis,” Prof. Ruschitzka.

Virus replication to inhibit, the vascular system protect

The new findings should, according to the researchers, 19-treatment, the COVID-used. “We have to inhibit the multiplication of viruses in their propagation, the most successful Phase and at the same time the vascular system of the patient protect and stabilize,” says Prof. Ruschitzka. This relates to diseases, especially patients “with cardiovascular and it is known that the restricted endothelial function, as well as the well-known risk factors for a severe course of COVID-19.” (fp)