Morgan Stewart's Postpartum Sex Plan Is Unique

The “no sex for six weeks postpartum” rule is pretty well-known, but E! News’ Morgan Stewart thinks she has another idea of what to do behind closed doors after baby is born. In a candid segment with her E! News co-hosts, Nina Parker and Hunter March, Stewart admitted that she and husband Jordan McGraw have made some alternate plans.

“It’s been very clear, there is no funny business for six weeks. So we’re just gonna have to do some blow-jobbing I think,” the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills alum explained during her final segment before her maternity leave. “You know?! I have to keep myself around!”

There are plenty of reasons to avoid vaginal sex after giving birth, but everyone’s bodies are different. Some people heal more quickly (or more slowly) than others. While some moms, like Nikki Bella, gladly jump right back into the saddle as quick as they can, others, like reality star Jamie Otis, require a slower return to sex.

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The realities of childbirth and those early weeks of parenting can be so startling for many moms that by the six-week mark, many are still getting the hang of things — breastfeeding, nighttime parenting, a changing body, and an emotional upheaval just to name a few. No new mom should feel pressured to rush back into an intimate relationship with their partner just because the calendar says it’s OK or just because they talked about it before the baby was born.

Stewart admitted the postpartum part isn’t what’s concerning her most right now, though.

“I’m gonna tell you guys a secret: I’m a little worried about the whole labor part — just a little nervous about that,” Stewart explained to her co-hosts. “I know that it’s shocking news. No one ever says that. But I’m worried about the pain, and I’m worried about the potential ripping of anything. I’m quite scared.”

The most important thing for new moms to remember is to listen to their body and only do what’s comfortable. If that’s “doing lots of blow jobbing” or jumping back in the sack full force at five weeks postpartum, that’s OK! But it’s also OK if you don’t want anywhere near your partner’s sexy bits for a few months.

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