Kim Kardashian Just Summed up Parenting in One Statement & Moms Everywhere Will Feel Seen

Kim Kardashian may have a glamorous lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean she has it all figured out when it comes to parenting. The Kardashians star is mom to North, 9, Saint, 7, Chicago, 5, and Psalm, 4, with ex-husband Kanye West, and at times, parenting can be really difficult. She summed it up with one phrase, and all moms can relate!

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“Parenting is really f—ing hard,” she said on the On Purpose with Jay Shetty podcast, per PEOPLE. “That’s the only way I can describe it.” Yes, yes, yes!!! It is hard, full stop.

But also… “It is the most rewarding job in the entire world. It is. There is nothing that can prepare you. … I don’t care how long you wait. I don’t care what you’re waiting for. You are never prepared,” she continued.

That might sound dark — you can never prepare?! — but it’s so refreshing to see a celebrity open up about the not-so-pretty side of parenting. Sure, Kardashian has nannies and money and tons of support, but it’s still so hard for her. Imagine how hard it is for parents without all the extra help? We are all doing the best we can, and that’s good enough for our kids.

This isn’t the first time she’s talked about the challenges of parenting. In Dec. 2022, she talked about co-parenting with West in an interview with Angie Martinez IRL. 

“Co-parenting is hard. It’s really f—king hard,” she said, adding, “One day my kids will thank me for sitting here and not bashing their dad when I could. All the crazy s–t. They’ll thank me and I’ll privately answer anything that they want to know. It’s not my place anymore to jump in.”

  • Kim Kardashian Called Parenting “Madness”

    Image Credit: Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

    In the interview with Shetty, Kardashian explained that parenting is “madness,” and, yes, we can confirm that’s true.

    “Everyone says the days are long and the years are short, and that couldn’t be like a more true statement,” she said. “So, like, when you’re in it, I mean, especially when they’re babies and you’re feeding … there’s madness going on. It’s like full madness. It’s the best chaos though.”

    It’s. Full. Madness — but we love it! And we need a break (and maybe some chocolate).

    Mornings are especially rough, even for Kardashian. She explained, “It’s like I always have to do one of my daughter’s hair — and it has to be perfect and it has to be a certain way — and then this one needs me to put his shoes on and they all need you. … It’s like full crazy madness, cooking, running around. Like, it’s wild.”

    Like us, Kardashian revealed that parenting “has been the most challenging thing.” She added, “There are nights I cry myself to sleep. Like, holy shit, this f—ing tornado in my house. Like, what just happened?”  Solidarity, sister! We feel this too, every damn day.

    “You know, with all the moods and the personalities and sometimes they’re fighting, and you know, there’s no one there,” she continued. “Like, it’s [just] me to play good police officer and bad cop.”

    But at the end of the day, it all works out. “You will figure it out, and it will make you so proud of yourself that you figured it out and that you got through the day,” she added.

  • Kim Kardashian Opened Up About How the Kids Feel About the Paparazzi

    Image Credit: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

    Kardashian shared how her kids feel about papparazzi. “I think they grew up seeing the cameras, and they grew up seeing that even as babies. You know, we’d walk out and there’d be paparazzi, so it’s not really something that they acknowledge a lot,” she shared in the interview.

    But sometimes, North does stand up for herself. “You know, my daughter’s really vocal. She’ll tell them when she doesn’t want them around and to leave her alone and to stop and I love that they use their little voices.” 

    Kardashian also insisted that her kids have a “normal life” at home. “But they also have such a normal life and such a different life away from all of that too,” she said. “And that’s why I love that my sisters and I all had babies at the same time so they can be with each other and have these experiences together.” 

  • Kim Kardashian Shared an Awesome Tradition She Does on Her Kids’ Birthdays

    Image Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

    The SKIMS founder shared another clip from the podcast interview on her Instagram Stories, giving a glimpse into a heartfelt birthday tradition.

    “Every year, I write each one of my kids about a four- or five-page letter about — on their birthday — about what the year was like. Who their friends are, silly words they’re saying, their favorite foods, all the silly things that they do. And a little journey of what the year is like. And it’s so fun to see from the first year, now, you know, one of them almost 10 years old.”

    That is such a good idea! It would be so nice to capture all those little things about your kids. Even though in the moment we feel like we’ll always remember, the truth is that once your kid leaves a certain phase or stops saying a silly word, you will likely forget it. And this is a way to capture that for yourself and for them. 

    Kardashian also hopes this will help her kids understand her a little more, like she came to understand her mom, Kris Jenner, when she got older.

    “I know that they’ll appreciate this. I know that they’ll appreciate everything that they might have thought I was being a little harsh on. Me protecting them. I know that they’ll get it. Because I got it with my mom. And I know they’ll get it with me.”

  • Kim Kardashian Opened Up About Being ‘Open and Honest’ with Her Kids

    Image Credit: James Devaney/GC Images

    In the interview, Kardashian revealed that she is “open and honest” with her kids.

    “I’ll talk to my kids about anything they want to ask me about. I am so open and honest with my kids,” she told Shetty. “I think that’s the only way to be. And it could be things that they might not understand and I’ll wait to find the appropriate time to talk about it.” 

    Watch the full interview HERE. 

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