Im a doctor and I wouldnt touch any of these foods for lunch

GMB: Dr Alex reveals benefits of a healthy lunchbox in 2019

“You need to stop eating these five things immediately,” Dr Reza Tirgari shared on the social media platform TikTok.

“Number one: sodas,” he began. “Even sugar-free sodas contain phosphoric acid.”

Dr Tirgari said: “Phosphoric acid is terrible for your teeth and for your bones.

“And it leaches calcium out of your bones [and] increases the risk of osteoporosis.”

Any type of soda is said to be “generally terrible for your health”.

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Instead, Dr Tirgari recommended swapping sodas for iced teas “and other things like that”.

“Second thing: sugar,” said Dr Tirgari. “Cut back on sugar,” he advised.

While sugar can be found in everyday foods, such as chocolate as part of a meal deal, it is pro-inflammatory.

By cutting down on sugary snacks for lunch you will “significantly delay the onset of metabolic syndrome, diabetes and many other health concerns.”

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While a sandwich is a very common lunch choice, the fillings you choose could be harmful.

Dr Tirgari said highly processed meats – such as salami, ham and bacon – have been linked to cancer.

“The risk of cancer, including colon cancer, skyrockets with more servings of processed meat per day, per week, per month,” said Dr Tirgari.

This is why you should “cut them out” as they’re “not good for you”.

Dr Tirgari said this is “really important” to remember when you are deciding what to eat for lunch.

Another no-no is palm oil, which some people may use while cooking a stir-fry, for example.

Dr Tirgari said: “Palm oil is one of the most unhealthy saturated oils that’s out there… deadly.”

And last on his list is dairy, such as cheese, which “increases the risk of a lot of cardiovascular diseases”.

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