How to Care for Yourself in Times of Anxiety: 7 Tips from a Trauma Therapist

Take short walks or stretch

“It can be difficult when you’re exhausted. Even if you just shake out your hands, something that gets your attention away from your head can help take the edge off for a few seconds.”

Seek moments to relax

“Find ways, even five minutes a day, to replenish yourself in some way,” she says. “Close your eyes and take yourself back to the best vacation you’ve ever had. Hang out with a pet, or talk to a friend. Whether you just close your eyes and listen to music or light a candle and look at the flame for a few minutes, that will help.”

Narrow your attention

“This takes just a few seconds. Focus on your feet and just feel your feet rubbing against the floor. It literally grounds your emotions and will help to clear out any agitation or anxiety.”

Don’t make big life decisions

“This is not the time to go on a self-improvement program, to make significant life changes,” she says. “Disasters are amplifiers. Any kind of a disaster can put tremendous pressure on family relationships and marriages. A lot of relationships break up, but people can suddenly decide to get married as well.” Think twice.

  • Reporting by CAITLIN KEATING

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