Experts Reveal this Training Workout for Strength Training Beginners!

The thought of starting strength training may excite you, but the health experts say you need to prepare your body first to withstand lifting the heavy dumbbells efficiently. Aside from that, you need to work on strengthening your other muscles to make sure they will not end up being sore (or worse, injured). If you’re still new to weightlifting, the experts recommend you do this workout first to master its basic movements.

The Beginner Dumbbell Workout

According to health experts, you need to warm up first before you start your strength training. You can grab a set of light (five pounds) or medium (ten pounds) dumbbells and start lifting it. If the exercise becomes easy for you, you can gradually increase its weight.

If you notice your form falling apart, or if it’s too difficult for you to complete a set, you can lighten your weight instead. After warming up, you can follow this set of exercises. The health experts recommend you rest for at least 60 seconds between each set to allow muscle recovery. Here are the following trainer’s workout:
Execute three sets of bicep curls of 12 reps.

Benefits of Strength Training

The health experts also laid out the benefits your body can get from conducting strength training.

It Boosts Your Metabolism

Having increased metabolism may help also help you lose weight.

According to health experts, one notable health benefit of strength training is its increased metabolic rate. It helps tear and develop your muscles, enabling your body to burn the fats and convert it into energy. Since strength training focuses on building your core, it helps protect you from obesity and other chronic diseases.

Improve Your Physical Function

According to health experts, one of the major reasons why our muscles and health deteriorate is because of physical inactivity. The longer our muscles remain stationary, the harder it is for us to perform daily activities in life like walking, climbing the stairs, running, and picking up or reaching for things. You can reap the following physical functions if you do strength training:

Helps Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Your poor dietary habits paired with sedentary lifestyle results in the decline of insulin sensitivity in your body – which can trigger the development of type 2 diabetes. However, you can prevent and manage your diabetes while doing strength training since it provides the following counter-mechanism:

It Improves Your Cardiovascular Health and Blood Pressure.

Since strength training helps in preventing obesity and other chronic illnesses in your body, strength training also helps improve your heart health. Meanwhile, High blood pressure refers to the medical condition where the blood pressures in your arteries are elevated. If left untreated, it can lead to heart problems and attacks, and even stroke. The good news, though?

Strength training helps protect your heart from cardiovascular diseases – enabling you to spend more time with your family as you grow older.

Strength training helps reduce your diastolic and systolic blood pressure according to research. In a recent study, around 1,600 participants aging between 21-80 years old found that those who do strength training at least twice or thrice a week have improved their systolic blood pressure significantly. Meanwhile, it also reduced their diastolic blood pressure between 1.4-2.2 mm Hg.

Lessens Your Chronic Pain.

Prevent having chronic pains by incorporating strength training in your workout routine.

According to the Institute of Medicine, over 116 million Americans in the United States suffer from chronic pain. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer from chronic pain like back pain, fibromyalgia pain, and osteoarthritis by doing strength training.

Since it helps improve your physical function, it helps reduce the pain in your joints more than what aerobic training can offer.

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