Depends on Coronavirus: Mysterious children’s disease reached Germany

After the deaths in New York and, most recently, in France, a mysterious children’s disease which is in connection with the Coronavirus comes to Germany.

Dozens of children were ill in the American East coast metropolis on this novel autoimmune disease, whose symptoms are similar to the Kawasaki syndrome. The “daily mirror” reported that, in four ill children in Hannover the so-called Paediatric Inflammatory Multisystem syndromes, short-PIMS, was found. All of the children had antibodies to the Coronavirus. Worldwide to date, approximately 230 cases have been reported.

The person Concerned should have been in the middle of April in the children’s hospital “auf der Bult” in Hannover in treatment. The children between the ages of three months and 13 years, developed different symptoms – just a high fever occurred in all four of the young patients. The other symptoms ranged from a lung inflammation, inflammation of to to gastrointestinal. The disease was mild, the children were between four and twelve days to be stationary. You are now at home and are medically treated.

Whether these four cases are actually the first and only in Germany, cannot be conclusively evaluated. The press office of the hospital told the “daily mirror”, that there are also cases of these new auto-immune disease in Munich and Dresden.

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