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Contact restrictions to promote domestic violence

At the beginning of the Corona-pandemic different Agencies warned of an increase in domestic violence. Now there are Figures to confirm this forecast. The world health organization (World Health Organization, WHO) evaluated, in cooperation with the “College of Health and Human Services” first statistics with a frightening result.

Number of deaths due to domestic violence has doubled

In some regions, the authorities reported a tripling of cases of domestic violence, it says in the article that was recently published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ): “In the district of Jianli in Hubei province, a police station has reported a tripling of cases of domestic violence in February of 2020, in comparison to February 2019, and estimates that 90% of the cases with the Covid-19-related epidemic.”

Apparently, the deaths as a result of domestic violence since the beginning of the Corona pandemic in some places have increased dramatically: “In the United Kingdom, a project noted for the prosecution of violence against women, the number of deaths due to domestic violence between the 23. March and the 12. April, in comparison to the average Rate in the previous 10 years had more than doubled (16 deaths),“ the report in the BMJ.

Lockdown exacerbates the Problem

The contact in – and output constraints during the current COVID-19-pandemic appear to lead to violence, the problems intensify.

“Although only a few data are available, show the media coverage and reports of organizations that respond to violence against women, an alarming picture of the increasing violence by intimate partners during this outbreak,” say the Experts. Also, the measures of physical distancing would often exploited in order to isolate the affected women.

Domestic violence in crises

This development of the pandemic was, according to the report predictable. Already during previous epidemics, such as Ebola, similar gradients were observed.

“Half of the world population is asked to stay at home to stop the spread of COVID-slow down 19. To be for women in abuse relationships, life, or risk of abuse, increases a stay at home the risk of violence by intimate partners“, – stated in the article.

Also, for children the risk of becoming a victim of violence and sexual abuse increases. According to the report, thirty percent of women worldwide suffer in the course of their life physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner.

Support for victims must be urgently strengthened

The Authors of the report are asking governments to take immediate action, the Concerned offer increased support and better care: “governments need to absorb essential services to combat violence against women in the Covid-19-response plans, with resources and strategies to make it during the physical distancing measures are available.”

Health facilities should let in spite of the increased load by COVID-19 this problem except Eight. Health facilities should be locally aware of available support services (e.g. Hotlines, shelters, crisis centres for rape, counseling), and women in need at this point.

The Authors of the report urge governments not to let the victims of domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic in the lurch: “While the global health community grapples with the question of how the spread of Covid-19 can best be stopped, it must not be ignored, the ongoing epidemic of violence against women.”

Here Sufferers can find support

Important emergency numbers, and Online services to support Affected, see our article “Corona: increase in domestic violence fears – here you will find help”. (kh)