Chrissy Metz Explains How She Learned Not To 'Beat Myself Up' About Her Eating Habits

  • Chrissy Metz just opened about her history with weight issues and how she no longer beats herself up about food in a new interview.
  • The This Is Us star told Good Housekeeping that she’s striving for progress, not perfection.
  • She also recalled how bolstering her mental health has had an impact on her physical health.

This Is Us star Chrissy Metz just landed on the cover of Good Housekeeping, looking amazing and perky in a bright yellow dress. But Chrissy got candid about her “weight issues” in a new interview with the publication, as well as how she’s changed her perspective on food.

“I’ve battled weight issues, but I realize that I don’t have to beat myself up if I have XYZ food,” she said. “Instead, I change my perspective and think, ‘What is it that I’m angry about?’ since we tend to want crunchy foods when we’re angry or ice cream when we soothe ourselves. All these things I’m just trying to be cognizant of.”

Chrissy also said that she’s learned that she shouldn’t get down on herself when she has a slip up with her eating. “If a waiter takes a tray of food and a glass falls and the drink spills, they don’t just throw the entire tray on the ground. You get another cup of whatever you spilled and you keep going,” she said. “So often if something isn’t perfect, we go ‘I quit!’ That’s not conducive to forward progress, and it’s really about progress, not perfection. If we were perfect, we wouldn’t have anything to attain or achieve.”

Chrissy has been open in the past about how she’s struggled with her weight. In her 2018 memoir This Is Me, she said her stepfather physically and emotionally abused her growing up, often because of her weight.

Now, she says, therapy has helped. “We have to talk about our feelings, and I physically have been stuffing them all my life, so to have someone listen to me, without judgment … It was like, ‘Oh, OK, this is different,’” Chrissy told Good Housekeeping.

Chrissy also said she’s working hard to find good mental health—andhow that can impact her physical health. “It’s peace of mind knowing that I can’t blame other people or make excuses if I’m not happy,” she said. “Knowing that I feel good because I am being diligent about taking care of myself mentally, physically, and emotionally creates self-esteem. Staying consistent and rigorously honest is hard; it’s a daily practice. But no one is going to do for me what I need to do for myself.”

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