Britain’s first brain-training ‘mental performance drink’ now available in Tesco

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    A brain-training drink designed to boost mental performance is now available in Tesco.

    Beyond NRG, the UK's first mental performance drink, was developed just two years ago.

    And after being sold in Superdrug and Holland and Barrett, it's now gone even more mainstream, hitting the shelves in Tesco.

    The drink uses nootropics, vitamins, minerals and clean green caffeine to kickstart the functionality of the brain during creative work.

    It is designed to serve as a pre-workout supplement for the mind rather than the body, comes in powdered form and is mixed with water. It contains seven brain boosting nootropics that promote endurance, memory, reactivity and learning.

    What's more, it hits at less than 20 calories per serving and is sugar free, making it a healthy option.

    The ‘on-the-go’ and ‘just add water’ product is packaged as a starter kit, containing an anti-leak, dishwasher safe 700ml shaker and three 10g sachets, each providing one serving of Beyond, all for only £10.

    Additional 10g sachets can be purchased individually for £1.50 and come in two flavours in Tesco stores.

    Billy Webb, Founder and CEO of Beyond NRG, said: “We have seen a shift in how people are viewing mental performance and overall brain health – our customer base has gone from mainly esports and gaming enthusiasts to a variety of creatives and the wider general public.

    "Formulated for mental performance, Beyond is a supplement made for the digital generation as we head into a new era of connectivity.

    "To achieve a listing in Tesco is just a dream come true for us and shows how much people are engaged with the idea of supplements for brain function and focus. We can’t wait to see how they go down with Tesco customers.”

    For the full range of nine flavours available, go to

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