Here's What Allure Editors Are Adding to Our Carts This Black Friday

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If you follow us at Allure, you should know we have our annual awards every year to narrow down our favorite beauty products of the year (Best of Beauty and Readers' Choice Awards). So, to say we think pretty highly of our and your opinions here is quite obvious. But when things go on sale, we understand the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to shop for because, in the beauty world, the options are so vast.

Because we've been writing about a lot of all the sales that are going on during Black Friday 2020, we finally have a good grasp on what we believe are the best deals and products to add to your cart.

We know your taste is so discerning — that's why we put together a handy guide to what Allure editors are shopping this weekend, including the CLE Cosmetic CCC Cream, aka where makeup and skin care collide, a calming lotion for eczema from Pipette, a clean mascara by Saie, and much, much more.

Keep scrolling to see what else our editors are shopping for this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you never know, you might have similar taste.

"This is one of the few moisturizers that actually creates a visible difference for my skin, rather than just hydrating it. It's definitely brightening and helps even out tone without creating any irritation (a huge feat — even just touching my skin with my bare fingers can sometimes make it look blotchy). Anytime it's on sale, I stock the heck up." — Kara McGrath, deputy editor

Kate Somerville Retinol Vitamin C Moisturizer

"I have eczema, so I tend to steer very clear of any body-care products formulated with fragrance, which ignites days-long flare-ups. My current favorite? The Pipette Eczema Lotion, a rich cream made with a trio of hydrating ingredients — ceramides, squalane, and glycerin — to moisturize from head to toe. Despite its rich texture, Pipette's lotion is surprisingly lightweight and blends into skin quickly and without irritation. That being said, I'm stocking up on two to three bottles of this stuff while it's on sale — I can't get enough of it!" — Sarah Kinonen, associate beauty director

Pipette Eczema Lotion

"If I'm doing my makeup, I'm using the CLE Cosmetic CCC Cream. No questions asked, period. Thanks to its innovative ingredient roster and pigments that are just strong enough, it offers equal parts hydration and medium coverage that don't upset my sensitive skin. I'll never have enough of it in my kit, so I'll be stocking up on multiples come Black Friday." — Nicola Dall'Asen, staff writer


"I don't care if it's summer, fall, winter, or spring — I use the Patrick Ta Major Glow Body Oil all year round. Regardless of the season, the little sparkles in the moisturizing oil-based formula glimmer off my skin and make me look as radiant as a diamond. The body oil won a Best of Beauty Award, so you know it's good. Plus, this weekend, it's 15 percent off, so now is the time to add it to your cart, people. (I know I will.) — Angela Trakoshis, commerce writer

Patrick Ta Major Glow Body Oil

"My everyday makeup look includes a layer of Saie Slip Tint Tinted Moisturizer, several swipes of Saie Mascara 101, and a touch of the sheer Saie Liquid Lip Balm. Not only do they all look good on, but they also are good for you because each product has a clean ingredient list. And Black Friday is the perfect time to restock these essentials in my makeup bag." — Paige Stables, beauty editor

Saie Slip Tint Tinted Moisturizer

"I've had this robe bookmarked since March and — with the promise of 20 percent off — I think it's finally time to pull the trigger. I'm a fan of both the rainbow trim and the fact that it's available in a wide range of sizes. We may have a long winter ahead, but at least I'll be wrapped in organic cotton." — Dianna Mazzone, senior beauty editor

Hill House Home The Women's Hotel Robe

"I've held off repurchasing my favorite body lotion from Necessaire because of its Black Friday deal. With any purchase, and at no minimum, you'll receive its infamous ceramide-infused Body Serum at no extra cost. With all the hyaluronic acid serum I treat my face to I think it's high time I boost the hydration past my neck and onto my entire body. I like to mix the two (serum and lotion) for an added dose of moisture while I lather up." — Talia Gutierrez, beauty assistant

Necessaire The Body Serum

"OK, hear me out: $160 is a hefty price to pay for any kind of beauty set, but when there’s a 30 percent discount (for purchases of $75 or more), shelling out for Kosa's Game Changer Set isn't as painful. Each full-size 10-Second Eyeshadow (of which there are eight) comes out to $14 — which is 50 percent off their original price of $28. This Best of Beauty Award winner is the real deal, too. I've tried one shade thus far, and the fast-drying, jojoba oil-infused formula takes all but seconds — which is all the patience I have these days — to blend onto lids. Now I must have them all, especially the cobalt Nitrogen." — Sarah Han, senior commerce writer

Kosas The Game Changer Set

"It's not Christmas until the blaze of Nest's Holiday Candle is wafting through my home. Other Christmas candles try and fail to capture the spirit of the Yule — if I wanted to smell a tree I would just buy one for my home — except for Nest's, which includes dashes of clove and currents of pomegranate. The only thing that would smell more Christmas is an old barn, but I will go with the candle." — Brennan Kilbane, senior writer

Nest Holiday 3-Wick Candle

"La Roche-Posay's Anthelios Ultralight Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 60 is basically liquid gold — and the entire brand is going to be 25 percent off for Black Friday. I'll be taking advantage of the sale and stocking up because as we all know, sunscreen is an everyday essential. This particular formula is super light, goes on matte, and plays well with makeup, though I'm not wearing much these days." — Rosemary Donahue, wellness editor

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultralight Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 60

"I received a small sample of this eye cream a long time ago and used it up to the very last smear. It's like the skin-care version of a smoothie in the morning with vitamin C. I'm due for another jar (full-sized this time) and Black Friday is the perfect time to buy because the entire site will be 30 percent off. I'll raise a glass of orange juice to that." — Lauren Swanson, senior commerce editor

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Creme

There you have it, folks: All of the products Allure editors will be shopping for this weekend. For more Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, check out our ultimate guide to the holiday.

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