What You Should Know About Merkaba Meditation

Since one of the most widespread wellness trends of 2021 features new types of meditations, a new method has been catching people’s attention. The word Merkaba comes from Egypt, StyleCraze explains, and stems from ancient texts such as the Bible. Usually denoting an ascending energy, this word is also synonymous with a form of meditation that works with the energy field surrounding the body.

Essentially, this type of meditation operates similar to the way that energy works, such as reiki does. Said to impact the flow of energy in and around your body, your focus can help ascend or descend your consciousness. Using various breathing techniques and visualizations, the practitioner feels different sensations as a way to move energy around the body. The breathwork is one of the most important parts, the outlet explains, since this helps create shifts in consciousness.

Furthermore, since this type of relaxation impacts the energy field around us, it can aid in reducing stress from daily life. The outlet explains that as the stressors of life weigh us down, it can negatively impact our energy and the way that we feel.

Merkaba meditation is similar to kundalini

Merkaba meditation also deals with sacred geometry and various symbols that many believe surround the human body. The EOC Institute explains that, much like kundalini yoga, merkaba meditation has a certain series of breathwork practices that make up the majority of the sessions. Apparently, the 18 breathwork practices help balance various aspects of the energy fields, acting as “steps” towards ascension.

Once you’ve gotten a technique down, you move onto the next as you make your way towards the full 18. With each new step, various parts of your energy field will come into balance and better under your control, StyleCraze explains. When you begin this practice, you may feel a new heightened sense of awareness and vibrant energy surrounding you as you ascend in consciousness and work with your nervous system.

To begin a practice like this, you can find books or videos to help you through the process as you start with the first breathwork technique. Merkaba meditation also involves mudras or hand placements that complement whatever step of the sequence that you’re on. Whether you’re looking to deepen your spiritual practice or just reduce your stress levels, merkaba meditation could become your latest wellness addiction.

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