Watch Gymnast Shawn Johnson Show Off Her Strength in The Latest Handstand Challenge Video

Shawn Johnson East has still got it. The Olympic gymnast and mom of newborn Drew Hazel just showed off her superhuman strength in a new Instagram video.

In the clip, Shawn performed a TikTok handstand challenge, where she had to do a handstand and pause at different angles that mimic time on a clock. “Holy crap! Hahahahaha actually surprised myself. Didn’t think I could do it! Follow me on the @tiktok 😝 trying it out. #tiktok” she captioned the video.

Unsurprisingly, Shawn’s fans went off in the comments section about how strong she is. “You’re a beast! Gymnast for life💃🏼” one of her fans wrote, while another person joked, “Just a daily reminder that I am indeed a lazy potato.”

This isn’t the first handstand challenge Shawn has crushed. On Thursday, Shawn’s husband Andrew East shared a video of the couple performing another handstand variation on Instagram.

The challenge required Shawn and Andrew to successfully put a T-shirt on while maintaining their handstands. Shawn finished putting on her long-sleeve T-shirt before Andrew, and he joked about it in his caption.

“Remind me not to do anything athletic with @shawnjohnson again. usually ends in me embarrassing myself lol. @thefamilyeast #family #marriage #handstand” he wrote, while comment after comment highlighted how “amazing” Shawn is.

Shawn’s handstand challenges didn’t stop there. The Olympian posted yet another handstand video to Instagram when she was announcing a giveaway. This challenge required Shawn to walk around on her hands and pick up candies along the way.

The challenge definitely looked taxing. Shawn struggled to pick up the Smart Sweet candies placed on top of various books, and when she got to the final one, she laughed and told Andrew that she couldn’t do it. Her husband was still impressed. “I think you might be a better athlete than me,” he commented on the post.

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