The best ‘essential’ supplement to avoid deadly high blood pressure symptoms at home

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High blood pressure is a common condition that affects more than 25 percent of all adults in the UK. But you could lower your risk of developing hypertension by simply taking daily vitamin C supplements, it’s been claimed.

Hypertension puts extra stress on blood vessels and vital organs.

Eating an unhealthy diet or not doing enough regular exercise could be raising your chances of high blood pressure.

But you could lower your chances of developing the condition by taking certain supplements.

One of the best ways to protect against high blood pressure is to regularly take omega-3 supplements, it’s been claimed.

Omega-3 is crucial to maintaining a healthy blood pressure, according to Natures Aid nutritionist Jenny Logan.

It helps to reduce inflammation in the blood vessels, while also protecting against blood stickiness.

There are two specific fatty acids in Omega-3 supplements that benefit blood pressure; EPA and DHA.

But you should always speak to a doctor before adding any new supplements to your diet — particularly if you already have hypertension.

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“EPA and DHA – the Omega-3 fats found in fish oil – are one of the natural ways we can try and keep our blood pressure healthy,” Logan told Express Health.

“Omega-3 fats are known as ‘essential fats’ because, although they are crucial for good health, our body cannot make them itself.

“EPA and DHA have many other benefits for the body, and ensuring we obtain 250mg per day can help to keep our brain and our vision healthy.

“A higher daily dose of Omega-3, at least 3g per day, is needed to support healthy blood pressure, so eating plenty of oily fish and topping up with a high strength fish oil supplement, with a high concentration of EPA and DHA, is a good idea for those wanting to support healthy blood pressure.”

If you’d prefer not to take supplements, you can top up on omega-3 fatty acids by eating certain foods.

The best sources of omega-3s are oily fish, including mackerel, salmon and trout.

Meanwhile, you could also lower your risk of high blood pressure by regularly taking vitamin C supplements.

Vitamin C has been claimed to maintain blood vessels’ elasticity, which subsequently has an effect on blood pressure.

Meanwhile, it’s not always easy to know if you have high blood pressure, which is why it’s often known as ‘the silent killer’.

But some of the earliest symptoms of hypertension include severe headaches and unexplained dizziness.

Everyone over 40 years old should check their blood pressure at least once every five years.

Speak to a doctor or pharmacist to have your blood pressure checked.

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