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Influence of storage on the taste of tomatoes studied

Tomatoes are full of healthy ingredients and are extremely low in calories. The fruit vegetable is suitable for tasty dishes such as hot and cold soups, salads and sauces or simply raw on bread and butter with some chives. The importance of tomatoes to store them properly. In the fridge you will lose, supposedly to enhance the flavour. That’s true, but really?

It is repeatedly discussed about the proper storage of tomatoes. Some consumers are packing the fruit vegetables in the refrigerator. However, as a result, it loses some of its Aroma, my other and store the vegetables at room temperature. If there is, depending on the storage taste differences in ripe harvested tomatoes, has now studied, a research team from the University of Göttingen.

Healthy and low in calories

Tomatoes are a large part of the German is very popular. An average of around 25 pounds each person consumed in this country every year.

The fruit vegetables consists of 94 percent water and provides just 17 calories per 100 grams.

In tomato only important vitamins and minerals, but also dietary fiber and secondary plant substances do not get stuck. It is important to store them correctly.

They do not belong in the fridge, because you will lose in Aroma. The Federal centre for nutrition (BZfE) has pointed out in the past year, said in a statement.

The experts, based on a study by the U.S. Department of agriculture, which showed that the Aroma of tomatoes is particularly marked in the case of cold storage of the fruit.

Now, Researchers have studied in Göttingen with the proper storage of tomatoes.

No significant differences

How does the taste when ripe harvested tomatoes passed through a commercially available post-harvest chain and in port, either in the refrigerator (Seven degrees Celsius) or at room temperature (20 degrees Celsius) are stored?

According to a recent communication, the researchers analyzed researchers of the Department of quality of plant products, University of Göttingen taste relevant substances in the case of new Tomato crosses and studied them in collaboration with a sensory panel.

The information, according to a sensory panel consists of trained Examiners and auditors, using their senses, and the sensory properties of products to perceive and evaluate. This Panel, among other things, the noticeable Sweetness, acidity and juiciness of the tomatoes was looking for.

The research reports showed there was no significant difference in the taste between the two storage possibilities, if one takes into account the entire post-harvest chain.

The results of the scientists were published in the journal “Frontiers in Plant Science”.

Shorter storage better for taste and ingredients

“First of all, the strain has a large influence on the taste of the tomatoes. Therefore, the development of new varieties with a pleasant taste can be a step to improve the taste quality of tomatoes,“ explained Larissa Kanski, main author of the study.

“The shorter the storage, the better it is for the taste and the ingredients,” says head of Department Prof. Dr. Elke Pawelzik is.

“However, we were able to show that, taking into account the entire post-harvest chain is a short-term storage of ripe tomatoes in the fridge had no taste impairment of the result.” (ad)