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Danger by COVID-19 for people in long-term care facilities

Older people are particularly compromised by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, protection measures for older people in long-term care facilities and their caregivers are urgently needed.

A recent study by the University of Ottawa in Canada, shows how important it is to protect elderly people in long-term care facilities effectively in front of the Coronavirus. Such protective measures are also necessary to preserve the health system from Overloading by heavy COVID-19-cases. The results of the study were published in the English journal “Journal of Aging & Social Policy“ published.

Older people in long-term care facilities, at risk enhanced

Older people in long-term care facilities are exposed to a high risk of the consequences of COVID-19 of dying. Also, the risk of Transmission of the Virus in such facilities is particularly high.

Stress could ill overwhelm houses

If COVID-19 in a long-term care appearance facility, this could lead to a triggered increase in the case, the local hospital numbers overwhelmed capacity, warn the researchers. Many of the local hospitals, however, already now by an influx of people with the Coronavirus during the current pandemic, under a heavy load.

Precautions for long-term care facilities

As a response to the pandemic have introduced many of the long-term care facilities in the already strict access and visitor restrictions in order to protect persons living there prior to the infection. However, a shut-off of the long-time care facilities, possibly even for several months, give rise to further concerns.

Problems through the Barrier of long-term care facilities

A lack of Visits from family and friends will increase the Isolation of older people in long-term care facilities. Unfortunately, the insulation will also increase their vulnerability to abuse and neglect, explain the researchers. In the Wake of the corona virus pandemic, many older people may be neglected or even completely abandoned.

How can be protected the elderly?

The research group stressed, therefore, the urgent need for new measures to protect older residents of long-term facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be treated recommended that long-term care facilities a priority in COVID-19-testing and protection equipment. In addition, guidelines should be developed through long-fitted-term care facilities continue to be appropriate with personnel, and protocols for infection control are followed exactly.

Monitoring of long-term care facility must be a priority

In addition, the Monitoring of long-term care facilities during a pandemic is a priority, so that people living and working personnel can be adequately protected, emphasize the researchers.

How does the contagion of the General population?

The risk of Infection for people in long-term care, the lower, the less people become infected in the General population. In addition, The fewer people in the General population are admitted to hospitals to be delivered, the more capacity is available for the people in need of long term care available.

We all need to cooperate to minimize the transmission of disease

The question is, what can we do in order to protect these vulnerable groups in long-term care facilities to contribute? Crucial in minimizing the transmission of disease is by keeping all of us on the instructions of the health authorities on hygiene measures and social distancing, explain the researchers. (as)