26 Surprising Things You Learn Living In Isolation

The past two weeks for me has been a cross between living like a Survivor contestant, Linc from Prisonbreak (without the escape) and one of the real housewives of Beverly Hills. There have been some (relative) hardships in isolation like the fact I can only see one inmate (my roommate), we have daily challenges (weeding the garden) and wine is part of my daily diet (the cheap stuff only). So overall here are the biggest learnings I’ve had over the last three or so weeks.

1.  You need to take a walk around the house every couple of hours, for a change of scenery 

2. You’re actually not a bad cook when you try

3. Now is the perfect time to test out natural deodorant

4. You’re so emotionally vulnerable that an innocent puppy video can set off the waterworks 

5. Staying indoors all day is actually really exhausting. Hello 7:30pm bedtime

6. You’re jealous of the freedom and social interaction that birds have 

7. It IS possible to get to the bottom of your IG feed

8. You wish you kept your puzzle collection as well stocked as your pantry

9. You need a calendar just to avoid double booking your Facetime calls

10. Window shopping the “online” shops is a fun part of your daily routine

11. Snacking is a highlight of your day

12. You try and pick fights with your roommates to make things more interesting 

13. You’ll never take the feeling of grass under your toes for granted ever again

14. You never thought you’d look forward to getting back on public transport

15. You forget what day it is, they all feel the same

16. You really do need a PT to get results, online workouts can only do so much

17. After swearing to never download Tik Tok you’re considering making it a full-time career

18. You actually miss your annoying colleague

19. Seeing your boss’ home gives you an uncomfortable insight into their home life

20. You get frustrated when chores take quicker than you expected

21. You realise you can finally start building your dream home… on Sims 4

22. House Party is like the 2020 version of MSN and it’s totally addictive

23. You have sleep, work and play pyjamas

24. You now understand the need for a good supportive office chair and an ergonomic set-up

25. Spiders are actually pretty good listeners

26. Wine is now officially acceptable on days that end in y 

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