Zoë Saldaña Gave a Super-Rare Glimpse of Her Three Sons in a Hilarious Video Recreating This Iconic Scene

While Zoë Saldaña likes to keep her family life on the more private side most of the time, it seems she’s bending that rule to show off how hysterical she and her sons are in their downtime.

On Jan 17, the Guardians of the Galaxy star shared a hilarious video featuring her and her three sons recreating an iconic Zoolander scene with the caption, “POV: reminding my teens they’re actually still 6 and 8 😂🧒🏽🧒🏽🧒🏻🫠 #ZoePOV #momlife.”

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In the video, we see Saldaña’s three sons Cy, Bowie, and Zen, bumping into her, with her doubling over. Then we cut to the boys sassily turning back to her before lip-syncing Owen Wilson’s line from Zoolander, saying, “Excuse me, brah.” In response, Saldaña playfully turns with a faux-angry look on her face as she responds with Ben Stiller’s iconic line, “You’re excused…and I’m not your brah.”

Then we see each of her boys’ hilarious and animated reaction shots to the line, truly making us (and a bunch of her fans laugh out loud!)

Saldaña and artist Marco Perego started dating in March 2013, marrying only three months later in London. They now share three sons: twin boys Cy and Bowie, 8, and Zen, 6.

The Avatar: The Way of the Water star previously spoke candidly about balancing her career and family in an interview with Ebony. She said, “Being a mom is definitely like running a business for sure—and it’s a business with some pretty tough customers too! But like any mom or parent can attest, it’s all a juggling act… I make the conscious effort [to] make time for my boys and myself.”

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