Trader Joes' Unique New Seasoning Blends Have Fans Divided

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There are a lot of things Trader Joe’s does that we can’t wrap our heads around, but in a good way. Their unabashed willingness to combine foods — remember their Blood Orange Chocolate Chip Ricotta Cheese? — somehow always seems to work out, and ever since introducing Everything But The Bagel Seasoning, they’ve been upping the ante on the staples of the spice cupboard. From Georgian Ajika Seasoning, to Everything But The Elote, the culinary minds at Trader Joe’s have been hard at work churning out new flavors for us customers. But their latest venture has some people scratching their heads.

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Trader Joe’s recently started selling two new spice blends that are unlike any others. There’s a Pizza Sprinkle Seasoning Blend, and a Ketchup Flavored Sprinkle Seasoning Blend, both of which are $2.99. But as one Instagrammer asked, “What do you even do with the ketchup one?”

Luckily, lots of people had ideas of how to use these new Trader Joe’s seasoning blends. The Pizza Sprinkle seemed to be the most approachable of the two (you can even buy pizza flavored seasoning on Amazon, so it’s not that out there). People said they would sprinkle the pizza seasoning on cheese crackers, to imitate the flavor of Pizza Goldfish, while others said they would add it to roasted veggies along with Parmesan. On Reddit, one inspired diner even had the idea to add it to their bagel and cream cheese in the morning.

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But what to do with the ketchup seasoning powder? One commenter shared, “Canadians do popcorn with ketchup powder and also ketchup potato chips are big there,” so it could be good sprinkled on chips and other snack foods. Others said roasted potatoes and french fries were their top contenders. Basically, it will add a tomato flavor with a sweet and tangy bite, without the wet texture of ketchup. If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s near you but you’re intrigued, you could also try buying Tomato Powder and experimenting with that in many of the same ways.

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Trader Joe’s is keeping things creative in the kitchen, and for that, we’re always thankful. But with Pizza Sprinkle and Ketchup Sprinkle now on store shelves, it makes us wonder…what on Earth do they have in store for us next?

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