Toxic manifestation – can we actually manifest danger into our lives?

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As we return to ‘normal’ life post-Covid, we have never been more aware of our wants and needs – and more importantly, how we plan to turn them into reality.

And although the practice of manifestation is centuries old, the idea that you can use your mind to ‘attract’ positivity into your life is having a serious renaissance moment.

Videos tagged with ‘manifestation’ on TikTok have had a whopping 9.8billion views collectively, with content varying from tips on how to manifest love into your life to users sharing success stories of the wealth they’ve manifested. 

Manifesting is all about paying attention to your thoughts, with the idea being that what you think and visualise happening can manifest in your reality.

There are hundreds of different methods for doing this, with some swearing by writing down your intentions for the day as soon as you wake up to others claiming that you should put a glass of water next to your bed, really vividly visualise what you want in your life before falling asleep and then drinking the glass of water in the morning.

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However, amongst the thousands of videos praising manifestation and sharing ways to practice it successfully, there are more and more TikToks appearing that warn of the ‘dangers’ surrounding it – with some warning that you can manifest toxicity into your life. 

By focusing too much on outcomes that aren’t ‘meant’ for you, could you actually cause problems in your life? 

According to intuitive wellness guide Jade Mordente there’s a difference between manifesting toxicity into your life and just being stuck in unhealthy cycles of behaviour.

She tells that manifestation is a lot more than just focusing on what you want and it turning up in your life: ‘There are so many different schools of thought around manifestation, but my belief is that we create our reality – from our subconscious thoughts and feelings.

‘It’s all about energy. There’s some misinformation that indicates you simply just have to visualise something and it’ll happen, but the reality is that there’s much more to it.

‘Manifestation is exploring what’s going on within our subconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and transforming these to see changes in our life.’

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This can apply to work, love and money, says Jade – and if you’re stuck in toxic patterns with what you’re trying to manifest in your life, the likelihood is that you’ll be unable to find happiness once you have it.

‘If you find, for example, you keep attracting the same types of partners and aren’t happy with how things turn out, then it would be worthwhile doing a bit of work to explore what cycles you’re in and how to break them – you’re not necessarily manifesting things that aren’t meant for you,’ Jade says.

‘My understanding is that you can’t “manifest” something that isn’t right for you, but you can definitely keep repeating the same lessons unless you consciously make changes to your energy.’

The idea you can manifest toxicity into your life – and that if bad things happen, your mindset is to blame – is a dangerous concept. No one can actively have happy thoughts 24/7.

Jade warns: ‘Within certain spiritual circles there’s a lot of gaslighting around manifestation.

‘It’s a bit like “just think happy thoughts and you’ll be happy” but that’s not real life.

‘You can’t avoid having negative thoughts or bad days, and it would be so unhealthy to beat yourself up over it.

‘It’s not about what you focus on, but your energy and subconscious conditioning.

‘There’s going to be times when we all have toxic things going on around us because obviously toxic people exist.

‘If you recognise you have a person or situation that’s toxic, it’s up to you to change the situation.

‘And you might have to work on boundaries, your confidence and even people-pleasing tendencies to feel strong enough to walk away or make the necessary changes.

‘But just to be clear, your negative thoughts aren’t controlling your life – it’s natural to move through cycles of highs and lows! Check in with your energy and dive deeper into what’s really going on.’

And for anyone planning to use manifestation for evil – unfortunately you won’t be able to manifest your ex’s downfall either. There really is no space for toxicity in manifestation.

‘If you try to manifest pain for someone else, expect to bring that energy into your own life,’ Jade notes. ‘If you attempt to manifest heartbreak for someone else, don’t expect to be happy in love.

‘But do expect karma in return.’

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