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New portable flexible welding sensors are used to measure biomarkers

Even today, there are different ways to capture important Health parameters in real-time. Among the best known examples of so-called Smartwatches and fitness these bracelets, but also an intelligent toilet that can detect diseases at an early stage, has already been tested. Now Researchers at the Tufts University (USA) wearable sweat sensors for use in clothing have presented pieces.

Clothes with the built-in new sweat sensors can detect a wide range of biomarkers, and thus, for example, the Monitoring of acute and chronic diseases serve. Similarly, an application in sports or in everyday professional life, it is possible to capture the most important health values, according to the research team in the specialized magazine “NPJ Flexible Electronics” of the capabilities of the new Sensors.

Biomarkers in real-time measure

The researchers from the Tufts University have developed a special Sensor threads, a first flexible electronic sensor box that can be sewn into clothing, in order to analyze the sweat in real time on various biomarkers. For this purpose, the filaments are coated with a conductive ink, and different coatings that change the functionality of the threads. This thread sensors in the clothing or a band-aid to integrate, and to a microprocessor that can wirelessly communicate with a Smartphone.

While fitness wristbands and Co can capture factors such as heart rate, body temperature, glucose, or the walking distance, however, “metabolic markers, such as electrolytes and other organic molecules provide a more direct indicator for human health,” stresses the research team.

Measurement of various metabolic markers

Here is the new sensor by technology and “performs real-time measurements of important biomarkers that are in sweat, including sodium and ammonium ions (electrolytes), lactate (a metabolite) and the acidity (pH-value)”, the communication from the Tufts University. In addition, the device platform is versatile enough to integrate a wide range of Sensors, with which almost everyone in the welding existing markers can be measured.

High diagnostic Use

The identified biomarkers may have Benefits, according to the researchers versatile diagnostic. For example, sodium from the sweat can indicate the hydration status and electrolyte imbalance, the lactate concentration could be an indicator of muscle fatigue, the chloride ion content to serve the diagnosis and Monitoring of cystic fibrosis and Cortisol for the assessment of emotional Stress as well as metabolic and immune functions.

Detection within seconds

The researchers, the new technology have been tested already in human subjects and in which the electrolyte – and metabolite response during a maximum stress on the Bicycle home trainer captures. Within intervals of five to 30 seconds, the changes by the Sensors were recorded.

Welding is particularly well suited for the Monitoring of the health, since every person sweat, and in addition, the biomarkers in the sweat are closely related to their blood plasma level, according to the research team. Flexible devices that are woven into clothing, and direct skin contact, were monitored for a possibility of health, (Stress)load and performance constant. The wearers will not feel this probably once or notice, stressed the research team. (fp)

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